TRUTH: Spock Demonstrates That Morality Is ALWAYS Black And White

If You Are Seeing Gray, It Is A Good Sign That You Are On The Wrong Side Of Right

I found this story through a post on The Rio Norte Line: Obamacare and Liberal Cruelty.  Let me start by pointing out that it is not “Liberal” cruelty; it is Collectivist cruelty.  There is a difference, and it is crucial that we understand it and not perpetuate political animosities that might prevent us from reaching the common ground necessary to defeat evil.  That said, the story reminds me of a scene from the Star Trek movie, The Wrath of Khan:

There are two paths that people can take here, and it is the difference in these paths that is at hand.  Spock is correct in that serving the needs of the whole or the many should outweigh the needs of the few and the one.  However, it is in how the necessary sacrifices are made that we find either virtue or evil.  In Spock’s case, he willingly sacrificed his life for the lives of others.  Scripture tells us that we can have no greater love than to give our life for that of another, so there is great virtue in what Spock did.  His was the moral action.  On the other hand, when a third party sacrifices one life for another without giving the person to be sacrificed any say in the matter, it is an equally great evil.  It does not matter if it means the extinction of the entire human race: sacrificing one life against that person’s will is not a ‘sacrifice,’ it is murder and it is always wrong and always immoral.  Matters of morality are always this black and white – it’s living with the consequences that often make it the moral one the more difficult choice.

This is one of the central fallacies of all Collectivist ideals, and it is why they always fail (see this related post).  The Collectivist sees humanity as a single being.  Consequently, he does not see the individual, and when one does not see the individual, it is a small step to treating the individual as a mere thing to be disposed as needed in the pursuit of a ‘greater cause.’  In the case of the Collectivist, that greater cause is always an unreachable dream of the perfect society. But morality is a measure of how individuals treat each other.  It is not found in how individuals treat society because society is not real.  Society is an artificial construct; a product of our imagination invented to help us understand and discuss complex concepts and individual interactions on a large scale.  And this means the Collectivist has convinced himself that it is right to dispose of real people in the pursuit of perfecting something that does not exist.  This is among the most immoral things imaginable, and it is behind nearly every mass murder and genocide in the past 100+ years.  If you look, you will find some form of the collective behind every atrocity of the 20th Century.  Try it sometime, you’ll see.

Remember what we have explained in the tab on Natural Rights; government does not created, it is created.  This means it is not the master, it is the servant.  What’s more, we cannot give any power to the government that we do not have the right to exercise, ourselves.  If we do not have the right to force another person to give their life for others, then we cannot give that right or power to the government.   Either way – whether by our hand or that of the government – forcing a person to do something that is against their will and will directly harm them, and where they have not harmed anyone first, is a violation of Natural Law and – by definition – immoral.  It is that simple, and this blog page is intended to help people understand why it is that simple.

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