TYRANNY IN THE HEADLINES: U.S. Court Declares War On Citizens

There was an important story on The Blaze this week.  If you do not look to alternative sources to get your news – like The Blaze – then you probably missed it.  Still, if the State-run media covered this story, I would bet they made fun of it rather than treat it like the major issue it was.  In case you are wondering what I am talking about, this past week, a U.S. court of law declared that we are not free people.  In fact, the court claimed that we live only at the pleasure of the State, and that we have no rights save those the State decides to give us. In other words, a U.S. court of law declared open war on the people of America.

Start by reading this story and – by all means – watching all of the video clips in it.  Take this seriously and do not laugh this man off.  Pay attention to what he says and how the court responds, then we’ll discuss what this means for each of us:

‘I Am the Living Man Protected by Natural Law!’: You Are Probably Going to Want to Watch This Epic Court Testimony

First, understand that the same court that took this man’s liberty draws its authority to do so from Natural Law.  Natural Law is what this whole blog page is about.  If you understand the philosophy that created the court, then you know that it has no authority other than that which any individual has, themselves.  This man has no right to keep you from eating, so the court can have no right to keep him from eating.  This man has no Natural Right to claim all fish and all the water in which they swim as no one actually owns the earth.  We just come to agreement over how to manage it while we are here.  This means the court has no right to claim the fish or the water, nor does it have any authority to manage over it if it means it keeps a person from eating.  That would be the same as laying a claim against that person’s life.

What this court did in this story was declare itself above the law; it declared itself to be greater than those who made it.  The court reversed the role of government as a servant of the people and made itself master of the people who it is now forcing to serve government.  In a word, this is tyranny.  When the government becomes tyrannical, it enters into open warfare with the people, which then means the people have every right to alter or abolish it.  Read the Declaration of Independence again.  This is exactly how this nation was born: by a revolt against a tyrannical government that was in violation of Natural Law.

Now, this man may seem strange to most of us, and many of us will laugh at or dismiss his argument, but those who do either demonstrate that they no longer carry the blood of our founders in their veins.  Natural Law is the essence of liberty.  It is the fountainhead of individual rights.  Without it, there would be no American Revolution; and no American Revolution means there is no freedom for mankind.  So, please, do not dismiss the man in this story.  He is in the right.  He is claiming the right to live off the land, as one born into the State of Nature.  So long as he is not harming anyone else, then the State has no claim over him; no authority to do anything to him or force him to do anything against his will.  What the court did in this story is as un-American as anything that has ever happened on American soil.

Before I leave this story, let me try to explain it in a different way.  If you are not allowed to eat without government permission, are you free?  If you are not allowed to work without government permission, are you free?  What rights do you really have if you need government permission just to do those things?  Do you have a right to own a car if you have to have a license, registration and insurance?  Now, before you object to this example, stop.  Do I – not the government, me – have the authority to force you to get a license, registration and insurance from me?  I hope you said no, because I do not have that authority – and neither does the government.  But we have allowed it to create that power, a power it does not have.  Remember, if you do not have the right, then you cannot give it to the government, nor can the government claim to have it after it is created.  Anything the government tries to do that I cannot do to you, personally, is illegitimate.  I cannot tell you that you must buy a license from me to work, or even that you must get a diploma, pass a test, pay for that license to be ‘registered,’ then pay for another ‘business license.’  If I tried, you would ignore me, and rightly so.  So why do we not only let the government do this, we expect it?  We expect it because we have become comfortable in our slavery, and anyone who is comfortable in their slavery to government does not have the blood of our founders coursing through their veins.

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!

Give me liberty, or give me death!

4 thoughts on “TYRANNY IN THE HEADLINES: U.S. Court Declares War On Citizens

  1. I didn’t read the link…. I will, but I just have to say that I was reading an article of all the animals that have died during Hollywood productions, only to be endorsed by this govt. AHA (?) group that proclaims at the end of the show: No animals were harmed during this production. Now, let’s compare that with the fishermaen in the Gulf of Mexico. There is a stranglehold, and it is not only unfair, it is stupid! These are men that have far more knowledge of their surroundings!

    What am I getting at? I suppose it is the fact that the govt. will excuse one group for having abso-friggin-lutely no knowledge on animals or sea-life, but the life-long fishermen are persecuted, and their livelihoods put at risk.

    I believe it is the “Teacher’s Pet” syndrome.

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