10.31.2022 SHOW NOTES: The Origins of Halloween and Various Other Assorted Headlines

Oh, here we go again: grabbing the third rail of ‘Halloween’ (seriously, aren’t you starting to suspect I get a ‘charge’ out of grabbing third rails yet? LOL).  Plus, some other ‘totally un-related’ headlines, with a few nifty little confession videos to spice the whole thing up.  Here are the PDFs for you:

Be sure to check out the other two videos I linked you to in the PDF. The last one is especially juicy 😉

The next time I tell you the American Left is not only out of touch with reality, but wants to totally eliminate the American Right:

DO — NOT — DOUBT — ME!!!

Now, does that video they keep scrubbing where Al Gore gleefully explains ‘They’ will soon be able to identify ‘Conservatives’ while they are still in the womb take on a different meaning to you? If not, how much more is it going to take? A trip on a train to a non-existent FEMA camp?

That ain’t no FEMA camp; that’s a trailer park.

That ain’t no FEMA camp, either. It’s a temporary prison.

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