Here is the intro to the new segment of my webcast. We will use this to introduce Jimmy Zinker when he calls into the show to rant.

10 thoughts on “A NEW SHOW SEGMENT

    1. Aw, come on, don’t be that way. You have no idea how hard it was to convince Jimmy to shoot this video for us. Heck, we even paid the brunette in the ‘Daisy Dukes’ $5K to tell Jimmy he still looked hot 🙂

      1. You are right. I am so sorry and my abject apologies to Jimmy. At my age and state of decrepitude I don’t even look in the mirror so who am I to comment on others?

        1. LOL, I was just teasing you 🙂

          This video is a Southern Comfort commercial ‘tweaked’ to our purposes. We used it to poke Jimmy’s ire, and because he likes Southern Comfort. It’s mostly an inside joke, but it will work for the purposes we intend.

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