You Absolutely MUST Watch This Documentary On Jan 6 — IT EXPOSES THE LEFT-WING LIES!!!


Just watch this video, and do it before the end of September. The Epoch Times TV has made it public until the end of the month. You must watch this. I cannot stress how important it is for you to know and see the information — THE EVIDENCE — that has been presented here:

The Real Story of January 6 | Documentary


[NOTE: According to the THEORY of the Law, the moment the ‘police’ started using violence first, in the way we see them using it in this video, THEY CEASE TO BE POLICE OFFICERS! They become enemies of the People and the People have a LEGAL RIGHT to defend themselves. If you doubt me, you should look into it. You watch the police commit manslaughter in this video, if not second degree murder — and it is the crowd trying to save her that is portrayed as ‘proof’ the crowd was guilty of using violence first.]

WATCH! This was a Deep State attack on a peaceful crowd with the obvious intent of creating a response they could then paint as an ‘insurrection.’ THIS IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF AA FALSE-FLAG ATTACK!!!

WATCH THE VIDEO! (or do not comment — especially to tell me I am wrong).



The ‘vector analysis’ of this and many, many other events since Obama is clear: the Government is deliberately pushing the American People in hope that we will fight back. This will then be used as the ‘crisis’ the Government needs to crack-down, declare martial law, disarm us and end the United States for good. If you doubt me on this, I can honestly say you either have not bothered to pay attention and do your homework, or you support the tyrants — the exact same way so many Germans supported Hitler! And, YES! I mean to make a direct comparison between those who are supporting the Government today (either Party) and those who supported Hitler. If you still support this Government — D or R — you are claiming to be ‘The Good NAZI.’

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