We just finished our first full week of webcasting. I am on live, Monday — Friday, 9:05 AM EASTERN, 8:05 CENTRAL. For now, you can find us on Facebook at Freedom with Steve Nichols, or on the Freedom Networx channel on Youtube. You can also find the replays there. I hope you’ll check out the show. If you like it, please give us a thumbs-up and share our videos. If you have constructive feedback, I would like to hear that, too. It is the best way to help me improve the show.

I did a special show today. If you missed it, you need to watch it — NOW! I did not want to do this show, but I kept my promise and did it. Watch it and you’ll understand — especially the second hour. This show will be deleted by lunchtime, Saturday, August 20. If you’re interested, this is today’s web show:

We will be working to improve the show and make it even easier to access. Until then, please check us out and, if you like what you see/hear, spread the word. Tell your friends and family to check it out and share the show for us.

Thanks and stay safe,



  1. Love, love, love the show! It’s refreshing, educational, and moves me to dig deeper in how I think when I read and/or listen. Keep pushing forward Joe! Thank you for what you are doing.

  2. Congratulations, Joe, on the first week of the show… TY so very much for the 2nd half of Friday’s show… I believe that with humility and honesty The Holy Spirit can and will guide us into all Truth…Joe, please continue to serve as a watchman on the wall

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