AUGUST 15, AT 9:05 AM, EST (8:05 CST)

THE ROAD TO CONCORD will broadcast live, M — F from 9:05 — 11:00 AM EST

You can find us on the following pages:

FREEDOM with Steve Nichols

(Our Network Owner’s Facebook Page)


(Our Home Network’s Facebook Page)


(Our home network’s YouTube page)

We will spend the majority of the first two weeks working out any technical difficulties we might encounter, the most likely one being me! I have to run the board all by myself and anyone who knows me is already fearing for the life of our equipment. You might want to tune in this first week just to see if any of the equipment gets executed live on the broadcast. 0:-)

Once we get things worked out and figure out how we want to format the regular content, we will push for our goal of 3 hours a day, every day, Monday — Friday.

This first two weeks will focus on introducing myself and the show and on asking for audience feed-back as we plan out regular features for the show going forward. I have some ideas and I will bounce them off the audience this week and maybe next. So, if you are with us from the beginning, you will have an opportunity to help shape the show.

Once we have our first couple of weeks in the can, we will get busy with the real work. The Road To Concord will focus on the principles of individual Rights and Liberty. As a former Marine, we were taught to train the people under us to take our place — in case we became a casualty. I plan to bring this attitude to the show. My goal is to teach listeners what the principles and ideals of Natural Law, Individual Rights and Liberty and the Social Contract; how they were derived; and how to explain them to others. I will illustrate these principles and ideals by blend history, philosophy, logic, and — yes — even Scripture into our conversations. The idea is to see and understand how the events of today are still being driven by the past. But, more than all of this, I hope to share what I have learned in a way that entertains the listener enough that they stay with me. This way, others will learn what they need to know and gain the self-confidence they need so that they can step up and take my place if and when I should fall.

I hope you’ll join me and, more than that, help me spread the word about the show to your friends and family.

Joe Bakanovic (B3A)

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