IN THE HEADLINES: Buttigieg says there’s no ‘dial in the Oval Office’ to lower gas prices

Here is the story:

Buttigieg says there’s no ‘dial in the Oval Office’ to lower gas prices

Here is the pull quote from the story:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday there’s no “dial” in the White House that sets the price of gas.

Here is what you need to know:

The Obama Administration had been saying the same thing before President Trump was elected. President Trump took office and started to remove all the obstacles Democrats had been placing in the way of the oil industry. The price of gas dropped to the lowest we had seen in years, and the lowest in relation to the minimum wage that we had seen in decades. Biden took office and immediately started putting those obstacles back in place and the price of gas has now shot up to the highest in American history — both in terms of raw cost and in relation to the minimum wage.

Furthermore, it should be obvious to anyone who has ever heard that cost is directly connected to ‘supply-and-demand.’ Biden has deliberately acted in ways that reduce the supply of gasoline. He has also said the economy is recovering, which means, there is a higher demand (this is a debatable matter, but I will grant his claim — for now). Furthermore, we are in the summer months now, when the demand for gasoline traditionally increases.

Here is the take-away:

The math should be simple: Biden has acted in a way that decreases the supply of gasoline at the same time the demand is increasing. This leads directly to higher gas prices.

Conversely: if Biden were to remove the obstacles preventing increased supply, then there would be more oil on the market and, in spite of increased demand, the price would come down.

This means Buttigieg is wrong. Now, ask yourself these two questions:

Does Buttigieg know he is wrong and, if so, why is he lying?

If Buttigieg does not realize he is wrong — or why — is he actually qualified to hold the position of Transportation Secretary?

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