APPLIED LOGIC: Spotting The ‘Many Paths, One Truth: One Path, Many Lies’ Paradigm In The Headlines

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Sometimes, it is not enough to just write a post explaining a specific issue or phenomenon.  Many times, the point simply has to be driven home.  Well, this is one of those times.  In this post, we drive home the point that was made in a previous post: THINKING EXERCISE: Singular Truth, Multiple Lies.

The overall point of this post is going to be to show you how those who seek Truth may take different paths, but they will all arrive at the same general destination — the Truth.  While, at the same time, those who seek to deceive will take a similar path to arrive at many different destinations.  I’ll start to show you how this manifests itself in the real world by re-visiting another previous post, LESSONS IN LOGIC: CRT Actually Defines Its Supporters As Racists!

In this post, I was writing about how the Critical Race Advocates (CRT) claim to be fighting racism (the single path they all take) while, in reality, they are all pushing racism.  However, they all latch on to different forms of racism because, as I said, they really want to use race to make themselves rich and powerful.  And, because each race hustler has a different bank account, and a different area where they want to weld power, they all use the guise of fighting racism to end up pushing racism in different forms.  IN simple form, it looks like this:

The race-hustlers are all deceivers.  They are self-centered racists who push their own racist niche, but they push it disguised as fighting racism.  So, they all deceive through the same claim (they are fighting racism), but they all focus on different aspects of racism (different destinations based on their individual goals).

Now, I understand that — until you see it — my argument can be difficult to accept because it is difficult to understand.  This is why I try to explain it in different ways.  But it isn’t just me.  Here is Jason Whitlock explaining it as the early California gold rush:

Jason Whitlock: “Racism Is Now The New Gold And People Mine For Racism Gold”

In the video in the link above, Mr. Whitlock does not directly address my argument, but his argument affirms my case.  Whitlock focuses on the race-hustlers using race to enrich themselves, but he clearly asserts the race-hustlers are the deceivers in his example.  He also allows that they try to gain from the issue of racism through many different approaches.  So, to put this in my terms:

The lie is that the race-hustlers are fighting racism.  It is a singular claim, but it is a lie.  this lie is the single path.

In truth, the race-hustlers are racists, and they need the issue to last so they can continue to gain from it.  Each has a different bank account, so each has to push their agenda in a different way.  This is why we have so many different ‘anti-racism’ organizations out there — each making their own money and each seizing as much individual power as they can.  Well, these many different organizations are the many different destinations of that one path.

So, you see: though he did not explain it this way, Mr. Whitlock has arrived at the same location I have.  This is because he is a Truth seeker so, though he took a different path, he arrived at the same destination.

The Truth can have many different paths, but only one destination; whereas the Lie often has one path to many different destinations.

Do you see it yet?

Let’s keep going.  This time, it is the issue of COVID.  In this video, Steve Deace inadvertently provides support for my argument:

Covidstan Is Collapsing on Itself | Delta Data | 8/2/21

Why does Deace say ‘Covidstan” is collapsing on itself (his term for the cult of mask NAZI’s and vaccination pushers)?  Because they are starting to contradict and attack each other.  They are doing this because the data on COVID is starting to come in — real data — and it does not support their narrative.  So, in order to keep pushing the fear necessary to sustain their agenda, Covidstan needs to convince people they have not been wrong about the masks or vaccines.  Since they have actually been pushing the same lie (one path) to enrich and empower themselves (different destinations), they each come up with different explanations as to why the real data is wrong and they are still correct.  When they start to do this, they inevitably contradict each other.  When this happens, they turn on and attack each other.  Why?  Because the goal has never been to protect, but to get rich and seize power.  This is how the evidence of the different destinations manifests in the real world.

On the other hand, those who are trying to actually follow ‘the science’ here may take many paths, but they all arrive at the same general conclusions: that masks do not stop airborne respiratory infections and the vaccines are not what was promised.  One person may focus on masks, another on vaccine efficacy data; one may focus on the U.S., another on India.  One may look at the vaccinated verse un-vaccinated, another may look at the seasonality and natural immunity aspects of the virus.  It doesn’t matter.  Any path you take, a Truth seeker who follows the data will arrive at the same conclusion.

So, again, the COVID issue shows us the same pattern as the race-hustlers: Truth seekers often take many paths to arrive at the same destination whereas deceivers often take the same path to arrive at many different destinations.  In the end, the point is this:

If it is TRUE, then there is only one correct answer.  If there are many ‘correct’ answers, then it is not TRUTH!

Do you see how it works yet?  I hope so.  Now, start looking for the pattern in your daily life.  Work at it.  It takes time and effort, but, if you keep at it, it will become second nature.  The benefit is that, once you get good at spotting the pattern, you’ll get real good at knowing who you can dismiss straight away as a deceiver and a liar.  That makes it easier to focus on and evaluate the ones who may very well be telling you the Truth.

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