THINKING EXERCISE: Singular Truth, Multiple Lies

Dear Reader,

This meme is True, but why?  What does it actually mean?  The answer may not be as easy for some as it should be.  It not only requires thought, but it also requires a certain amount of awareness of the world outside ourselves.  Why do I say this and what do I mean by it?  Well, those are good questions; questions that deserve answers.  Maybe I should start by re-wording this meme to read like this:

The Truth takes many different paths to arrive at the same destination.

A lie takes the same path to arrive at many different destinations.

You see, if a person can look outside of themselves enough to realize there is such a thing as an objective Truth in this universe, and they set out to find it, then it does not matter what path that person takes, they will always find the same thing as every other Truth seeker.  In other words, they will take different paths to the same destination.

On the other hand, if a person is so inwardly focused that they cannot see past their own desires, then they will explain away everything that contradicts what they wish to be true, but they will always do it in a way that paints them as being a true Truth seeker.  To put this in other words, they will always take the same path to different destinations.

Let me put this in terms of a real-world issue most Truth seekers have had to grapple with: being accused of being a ‘Conspiracy Theorist.’

Suppose I take six Truth seekers and I assign every one f them a subject.  Then I tell them to learn as much as they can about the subject, and trace it back as far into history as they can: see if they connect at any point.  Here are the six seekers and their assignments:

1st Seeker — International Banking Cabals

2nd Seeker — Inter-Cooperation Among Global Corporations

3rd Seeker — The Eugenics Movement

4th Seeker — Political Takeover of Education for the Purpose of Indoctrination

5th Seeker — Infiltration of the Media to Form, Shape and Direct Public Opinion

6th Seeker — Cass Sunstein, His Book, “Nudge,” and the Plan to Incorporate the Globalist Agenda

While these six Seekers are doing their research, I then select six skeptics — one working in each of the six areas I assigned to the Seekers — and I ask them this simple question: Is there a connection between these six subjects, especially a connection that would require inter-generational coordination between them?

Now, the six Skeptics from the six areas of the subjects I assigned to the Seekers, all reply to me in the same way: they say, ‘No!  There is no possible connection between the six subjects, especially one that requires multi-generational coordination.  Anyone who thinks they are is a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and a ‘nut.’  Each of the six skeptics then gives me a different explanation for why their denials have to be a fact! 

The First says there is no such thing as an International Bankers’ Cabal. 

The Second says that global competition makes International cooperation among corporations impossible. 

The Third says the Eugenics Movement died long ago. 

The Fourth tells me that I only believe there is a political agenda in our education system because I am a religious fundamentalist who wants to use the schools to indoctrinate children with my superstitious beliefs. 

The Fifth points to talk radio and laughs, “Really?  What infiltration?”

Finally, the Sixth Skeptic doesn’t even bother reading “Nudge,” she just scoffs and tells me I’m a conspiracy nut. 

One path — denial: six different explanations — destinations.

So, what do you suppose the Seekers might find.  Well, let’s have a look-see.

The First Seeker reports back that there is an association of International bankers, and they can be connected through Woodrow Wilson.

The Second Seeker reports back and says that there is evidence of international cooperation between large corporations, and they can be connected through Woodrow Wilson.

The Third Seeker reports back that the Eugenics movement is alive and well, and they can be connected through Woodrow Wilson.

The Fourth Seekers reports back and says the political takeover of both the public education and university systems is real, and they can be connected through Woodrow Wilson.

The Fifth Seekers reports back and says there is ample evidence of media infiltration, and they can be connected through Woodrow Wilson.

The Sixth Seeker reports back and says that Cass Sunstein’s book, “Nudge,” is nothing more than a modern re-statement of Woodrow Wilson’s plan to integrate banking, corporations, ‘science’ (i.e. eugenics), education and the media for the purpose of creating an American version of Communism — which is a border-less system of global control.

Many paths — six subjects: same destination — Woodrow Wilson’s blue print for Progressivism.

Dear Reader, before you give in to the temptation to dismiss this post, let me ask you one last question — a question that will further drive home the point of this whole post:

Have you ever wondered why all those ‘conspiracy theorists’ always seem to end up in the same section of the ball park, but the people who ‘debunk’ them not only end up all over the stadium, many of them don’t even make it inside the park?’

Or have you ever stopped to listen to the nuts and debunkers long enough to realize this is True, too?

[NOTE: Not only are the six subjects I used in this post real things, they actually an be connected through the writings of Woodrow Wilson. Nor are they the only ‘subjects’ I could have used. There are many more, and they are all connected through Wilson. What’s more, they are not dead. The on-going cooperation was admitted to by Hillary Clinton, and on national TV, no less. But she was depending on the fact that no one would know and understand the six+ subjects I just connected for you in this post. If they did, she would have been exposed and immediately prosecuted. Obama admitted it on national TV, as well, and he got away clean for the same reason. In fact, many of the people involved boast about what they are doing, and nothing is ever said to them — because no one knows what it means and, if they do, no one is in position to do anything about it. Why? Because their friends already control the media and DOJ — just as Wilson detailed in his blueprint.]

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