ESSENTIAL STUFF: ‘No Pinpin Here!’

I am writing this post to explain a reoccurring reference you will see in my blog posts.  Whenever you encounter the phrase, ‘No Pinpin here!’ this is what I mean:

The following clip is from the TV show, NCIS, episode ‘Hiatus 2.’  Ignore what is happening in this scene and focus on the sub-story dealing with the terrorist, Pinpin, who has disguised himself as the radio operator on the naval supply ship.  Listen to what the character of Gibbs says in response to the government official on the video screen when the official says they have been radioing and faxing the naval ship to warn them about Pinpin:

Reporter [Talking Head]: “Mr/Ms Crooked Politician, what do you have to say to the accusation that you are corrupt?” [“Are you Pinpin Pula?”]

Corrupt Politician [Pinpin]: “I categorically deny it!  The accusation is not true, and has absolutely no basis in fact!” [“No Pinpin here!”]

Report [Talking Head]: “There you have it, folks, Mr/Ms Corrupt Politician is totally innocent.” [“No Pinpin here!”]

I would like you to understand that this is exactly what we have been programmed to do: accept ‘Pinpin’s’ word that he is not a threat.  In essence, we have been programmed to accept guilty people telling us they are innocent.  An example would go something like this:

So, if and when you see me reference ‘No Pinpin here,’ this is what I am trying to say: that the guilty are being used to prove their own innocence, and we are darn well expected to accept and believe it.”

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