LESSONS IN LOGIC: CRT Actually Defines Its Supporters As Racists!

Dear Reader,

I am sick and tired of the lies being accepted in this country. Here is all you need to know about Critical race Theory (CRT).  By its own definition, anyone who supports or advocates for CRT is a racist!  PERIOD! Full stop! Now, give me just a few minutes of your time and I’ll prove it.

We will start with this video, in which Ben Shapiro gives a 65 second definition of CRT that is then agreed to by a supporter of CRT.

Now, pay attention, please.  Shapiro said — and the CRT supporter agreed — that anywhere we find minorities in ‘white culture’ (a.k.a. America) where minorities are not doing as well as whites, that is proof of racism.  Put in other words, any time we find minorities doing worse than whites, we have just found proof that the whole system was built just for the benefit of whites and at the expense of minorities.

Now, let me prove that this means CRT supporters and advocates are racists — by their own words!

Race hustlers — people who use race to make a living — are most always rich, or become rich by race hustling.  This is not an opinion; one need but look into it to discover I am correct.

Race hustlers are most often of minority skin color.

The minorities for whom these race hustlers pretend to advocate are always poor as compared to the race hustlers.

Ergo, we have found an area where minorities do not do as well as the — ooops, the race hustlers aren’t white.  But CRT says, if one skin color does good (the race hustler skin color), but minorities do bad (non-white skin color), this is proof that ‘whitey’ set things up that way.  But, here, CRT/Race Hustling seems to be set up to make the minority hustler rich as the expense of the minorities they claim to be helping.

Are you seeing the problem yet?  Because, if you don’t, you are a racist!  And that is by CRT’s own definition (you just don’t understand it because you don’t understand logic — in this case, logical extension).


Hopefully, I have exposed the absurdity of CRT’s core argument: that anything in which minorities do not perform as well as whites, there is proof the system — itself — is ‘racist’ because it was built to benefit whites at the expense of minorities. If you disagree; if you think this is proof of racism, then I refer you back to:


I will not apologize for nor budge from that position — because it is the Truth — with a CAPITAL ‘T!’

If it were true, if everything in America were set up for whites, then please explain most sports these days. Please explain major segments of the music and movie industry. Please explain Oprah Winfrey! Explain Obama! The truth — TRUTH — is simple: the system is set up so that anyone who puts in the work will — on average — benefit from greater reward. There are far too many examples of successful minorities in our history — even during the time of slavery — testifying to this as fact to swallow this poison called CRT!

The Truth is: CRT is just Communism by another form. It was developed to destroy the nation. It has nothing to do with Racism, that is only the emotional hook. At it’s heart, it is a tool of The Spirit of the Age, and his goal is the destruction of anything and everything connected to YHWH. Yes, I am saying that CRT is a Satanic attack on the work of YHWH’s hand. What’s more, I know I am 100% correct, and I know it because I know the enemy, his fleshly allies, human history and Scripture. They all testify in agreement to my claim, and no one can break this assertion. Truth cannot be destroyed.

Now, before I quit, let me beg you to look at the real-world examples we have here. The people pushing CRT, BLM and ANTIFA: how many of the leaders have gotten wealthier from their efforts? How many of them are minorities? And how many of the minorities they claim to be supporting have seen their lives improved by the efforts of CRT, BLM and ANTIFA? How many minorities saw their lives improved under President Trump? The objective reality (a.k.a. FACTS) here are simple: CRT, BLM and ANTIFA do not help minorities — because they need to keep minorities poor and dependent to keep their money and power flowing. But President Trump — the supposed racist — took some of the chains off this ‘racist’ system of ours and the result was economic gain for all minorities willing to work! These are facts, and they are so clearly true that even the ‘main stream media’ reported them this way when Trump was still in office. So, whenever and wherever we find a person claiming otherwise, you have not only found a racist, you have found someone putting Isaiah 5:20-21 into practice. In short, you have found a foot soldier of the Spirit of the Age.


In this link, Jason Whitlock makes the same argument I just made (watch the whole video — he says it much better than I did!!!):

Jason Whitlock: “Racism Is Now The New Gold And People Mine For Racism Gold”

3 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: CRT Actually Defines Its Supporters As Racists!

  1. So very true, all that you say. The truth is, God created only one race, and that is the human race. The way in which He created ethnicities and diverse cultures, and the way he divided the earth between sea and land, it impossible for a communist to fathom the reasons why. This is because a communist is the exact same thing as a narcissist. For those familiar with NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) for these people, as God warns in the Bible, they believe they have become like Gods themselves. In doing so, they have literally sold out to Satan and our political leaders, corrupt and incompetent as they are, are doing the bidding of Satan, though some insist they are “devout” Catholics. And that may be true, if that is, they subscribe to the Vatican II June 29, 1963 Giovanni Montini version whereby the smoke of Satan officially entered the Catholic Church celebrated in a ceremony conducted by Pope Paul VI himself. Not only was Montini a Freemason, he also hired Saul Alinsky to train a cadre of Vatican shills to facilitate his ceremonies and the far reaching implications of Vatican II as a mechanism to destroy the tradition of the Catholic Church that for 2000 years has endured the tests of time.

    So, that being said, let’s also take a look at the Marxist PhDs whose student loans our politicians, such as Elizabeth Warren, D, Massachusetts, advocate to be forgiven. The academy has become the cesspool breeding grounds for Marxist communists who have been brainwashed to believe the lies of communism as this, in their ridiculous folly, they perceive as “freedom” while they all become slaves to Satan.

    Let’s take their worship of Darwin, for example. If anyone fit the definition of a racist, it was, with his “descent of man” —- Darwin. Google hasn’t scrubbed this information yet, but it’s there for anyone interested in teasing out how Darwin, the lord Marxists love, spawned the notion of racism.

    Then there are your talking points about “whiteys” and the phenomenon of minorities not doing as well as whites in some areas? So?

    Who are minorities? The Polish, Irish, Jewish, Italian, Armenian, and countless other nationalities and ethnicities came to America to realize the American dream, and to escape communism. They never expected us to learn their language, but they did their best to learn ours. They came here fully expecting to assimilate to our culture, rather than expecting us to assimilate to theirs. That’s how immigration works. Saint Thomas Aquinas has written about this extensively.

    So what do the Democrats, the party of slavery and the KKK do, but create situations of learned helplessness, a welfare state, in which, as Obama’s beloved phony minister Jeremiah Wright peddled, that minorities and the disadvantaged, straight out of Mao’s Red Book, deserve special perks. Well, Obama sure has gotten his, hasn’t he, with his Organized For America, then Organized For Action, and his treasonous, seditious, underground railway to subvert our government and ultimately pull off the coup that plugged Biden in (no pun) last November. And nobody says a word. Nobody says a word that Antifa dot com goes straight to our White House. Nobody says a word. Not even Trump. WHY?

    Because the whole racist meme has been pumped up to give Obama carte blanche to do the bidding of his Globalist lords. And all the while, he exploits his own race, whatever that is since he is half-white and half-black, pimps himself, and laughs all the way to the bank.
    He is an absolute disgrace but if we say so, we are racist. If Trump had committed half the crimes Obama has committed, legally and spiritually, he would be locked up in Gitmo by now or else executed.

    So let’s too, talk about these “whiteys” and the fact that, after Bill Clinton himself mouthed off countless times about old white men, who does his party plug in (again, no pun) to pull of their filthy coup to destroy America so the likes of the globalist mafia minions, spearheaded by their Queen Bee Speaker Jezebel can profiteer from as they push through heinous legislation costing the taxpayers trillions — while at the same time they abort American citizens off the planet —- but Joe Biden, the epitome of the old, senile white man. Oh, how racist!!!

    Well, if you decide not to publish this post, I will try to understand. No matter where we go today our First Amendment is violated, even in the most surprising places. No, we are no longer able to speak our minds as we feel we should. Amen.

    1. Why wouldn’t I post it. Righteous anger is justifiable anger, and being falsely accused of something based on the color of your skin should anger you every bit as much as it angers blacks who have experienced the same wrong (assuming you are what the world calls, ‘white’). I find it so informative that those who claim to have been wronged are — in large part — the same people now ACTING as though two wrongs make a right — so long as THEY get to perpetrate the second wrong. Vengeance is so unbecoming of those who seek to claim victim hood. It sort of yanks the moral high ground right out from underneath them.

      I’ll stop there and leave you with this last thought. IF you REALLY study your Scriptures, you know there are two houses to the Lord’s Nation of Israel: The House of Judah (which holds the scepter) and the House of Israel (which holds the birthright). The House of Israel largely (but not entirely) makes up the Western world – especially the English speaking nations. The tribe of Ephraim, who holds the Birth Right and thus, leads the House of Israel is largely centered in the U.S. Why is this important? Because of YHWH’s curse of Israel for its disobedience upon entering the Promised Land. Because Israel did not eradicate the Canaanites, YHWH said they would forever be a thorn in Israel’s flesh. I do not pretend to know the details here, but I KNOW there is a connection between the Canaanites (Palestinians?) and the House of Judah living in the land of Israel, and the Canaanites (American Political Left?) living with the House of Israel in the land of Ephraim (the U.S.) today.

      Lest any believer think I just lost my mind, email me. EVERYTHING I just said is taken from a sound understanding of the WHOLE of Scripture. I can show it all to you — every last word.

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