More ‘Dots’ To The Jan 6 False Flag Attack On The Capital (Edited Jan 14, PM)

This page is partially dedicated to Natural Law. Natural Law includes things such as logic and reason. Logic and reason demand that all pieces of any puzzle be examined together, and with the same weight. Therefore, I am going to continue to present you with the pieces to any issue I find that I believe to be pertinent to the rational evaluation of the issue at hand. In this case, the issue at hand is the false flag attack on the Capital on Jan 6 (and yes, I am saying that the media is lying to us about what really happened).

DC Police Reject FOIA Request For Records Related to Their Probe of Siege of Capitol – Insider Leaked Maps, Internal Docs to Help Assist Rioters Navigate Building

Video interview with John Solomon in the following Facebook link:

BREAKING: John Solomon says DC police keeping interviews with key capitol security officials secret

When trying to evaluate an issue where you have good reason to believe people may be actively trying to deceive you, look for what I call , ‘shadows.’ These are seemingly unrelated facts that may reveal the presence of a real connection. It’s sort of like knowing there is someone behind an open door because, although you cannot see the person, you can see their shadow on the floor of the doorway. So, do we have any ‘shadows’ that might support the claim that ‘officials’ knew the attack on the Capital was going to happen? Well, yes, as a matter of fact, we do:

All Panic Buttons In Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s Office Ripped Out Before Capitol Riot

Panic Buttons Removed From Congresswoman Pressley’s Office Before Capitol Attack

Panic buttons in Ayanna Pressley’s office had been ‘torn out’ before the Capitol riot, chief of staff says

I just gave you three sources on the same story, and I used sources that wouldn’t normally be considered, ‘Right-wing.’ In a sane world, this would be sufficient to confirm that someone removed these buttons. The question now is, who removed them? Well, we don’t know, but we do know who is in charge of the House, don’t we?

But this is not the only other ‘shadow’ we have available. I am not going to bother posting them because they would just clutter this post, but, if you look, you will find video of the police taking down the barricades in front of the Capital and letting ‘rioters’ into the Capital Building. You will also find video of the police opening the doors for the ‘rioters’ and letting them into the Capital Building. You will also find first-hand, eye witness reports that refute the ‘media’ story line about this incident. In some cases, the witness reports are painstakingly detailed about who did what at the Capital. We actually have a reader of this blog who reports he was there, and that what he saw does not match up with the ‘media’ narrative.

Finally, there is this last little point to ponder. After the 9/11 attack, the Capital Building was hardened. The doors, windows and internal structure was made more secure against attack. This includes the use of bullet proof glass and hardened doors. So, let me ask you this: how does one smash out a window that can stop a bullet up to at least a .30 caliber sniper’s rifle?

If you are thinking, it should be taking you to the questions I asked in this post from a few days ago:

History Repeats As The Dems Reveal Their NAZI Roots


The following is a video off Rumble

Note proof! It was NOT Trump Supporters!

The following is an audio file. The Guest, Mr. Higgins, former intelligence advisor to President Trump, comes on around the 20 minute mark. You really want to listen to this.

Ep 790They Wanted a Reichstag Moment and They Got It


Facebook video putting many of the Jan 6 Capital videos together.

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