More Information You May Have Missed But Need To Know

The following is another video that brilliantly — and accurately — explains the problem. If you doubt this speaker, when he is done, go to you-tube, search for DAVOS and/or ‘The Great Reset’ (or ‘Global Reset’), and start watching. I don’t care what you watch, just start watching — and listening — close! If you don’t start seeing the truth after watching a few DAVOS/Great Reset videos, then stop reading this blog. It is for people who seek the principles of individual liberty and freedom, and that’s not you.

There is another part of this. Do you remember hearing Biden talking about a ‘Dark Winter?’ Do you know what he is referencing? Read:

America’s Pandemic War Games Don’t End Well

This was followed by a movie a few years back:


If you need a quickie course on this issue, I posted two videos below. Yes, the guy is a bit on the ‘conspiracy’ side, but listen to him anyway. He’s not wrong. If you start doing your own research on this subject, you will find that the people behind this reset make no secret of their plans (their just harder to listen to than this guy).

BTW: still doubt that the FEMA camps are real and meant for you? Watch the freaking video. He reads directly from the publications the reset cabal have published.

Ep. 2326a – Dark Winter Is The Cover Story For The Economic Reset

Ep. 2369a – [CB]’s Prepare For The Great Reset, Trump Has Other Plans

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