Pushing Back On Myself

I do not consider this post to be a violation of my self-imposed ‘time-out.’ Rather, I see it more like a solo version of asking myself if I know why I was sent to the corner. I still believe President Trump won this election, and I still believe there is a massive, well-funded, well-organized cabal working to overthrow this country’s founding. However, I am starting to fear that I fell for a massive lie with the Dominion–Italy–Germany–Spain story. I now fear that Biden will be allowed to illegally take office (and I am 100% positive he stole the election — mostly because he said so). And I fear there will be no coming back from it, either. We will soon fall under an evil, Commo-Fascist dictatorship that started with Woodrow Wilson and, unless the Messiah returns, will continue past our life time and that of our children and grand children, and it is because of videos like this one that I now have this fear:


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