I have to break my ‘time-out.’ Scripture tells me that, if I see danger coming and I fail to sound a warning, the blood of those who perish is on my hands. However, if I see the danger and I do sound the warning, but people fail to heed that warning, then then my hands are clean and I will not be held accountable for their blood. With that in mind, I need to bring your attention to something that was posted on one of the sites I trust most for hard analysis of current events.

I know it is long, and I know it can be boring, but I cannot tell you how much I wish you would read the article in the link below. If you’re smart, you’ll download the pdf in this article (The Left’s Strategy and Tactics To Transform America). I posted it earlier this year, and I suspect no one bothered to read it. Well, I wish we had all read it together, and you’ll see why — if and when you at least read this article. But, for those among us who cannot or will not read, I at least pulled the video out of the article for you.

The Republican Establishment is the Left’s Defeat Mechanism

[NOTE: for those who have followed my blogging over the years, you have probably heard me mentioning Carrol Quigley’s book, “Tragedy and Hope.” Well, that book, written in 1966, essentially argued that the Republican Party was working in conjunction with the Democrat Party. While Quigley’s argument is not exactly the same as that presented in the article above, they do run close parallels. The more you learn about the things I post, the more you will start understanding why I sound so un-hinged to most people. 🙂 ]

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