What ‘They’ Are Not Telling You About The Vote And How It Hides The Corruption That Is Really There

Before we start, there are a few things we need to get absolutely clear. First, the establishment media is no longer reporting the news. It shouldn’t even be considered the media. The truth is that the ‘media’ has become part of the American Left. It is a Party organ and it is lying to you. This can absolutely be proven. All we have to do to prove the media is lying to you is show you that there is definitive proof of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. But there are also legal irregularities in the mix. In short, this is a complicated mess, and this is part of the plan: to make things so complicated that the truth cannot be found because no one can understand everything that has happened. The end result is that people will accept whatever they are told just to get the chaos to stop so they can go back to their lives. The problem with this is, if we accept what the Coup is telling us, then we will never live a normal life again.

Let’s start with the legal irregularities. This is the easiest part of the problem to understand. There are many, separate legal issues, and they must all be addressed individually. However, for the sake of brevity, we will look at just two of them. First, COVID was used as an excuse to push mail-in voting. This system is known to be open to massive fraud, and it is exactly why it was pushed so quickly. Many States used mail-in voting for the first time — ever! Now, they will tell us that there is no evidence that these mail-in ballots were fraudulent, but this is an absolute lie! In Georgia, alone, there were some 818 ballots that voted for Trump, only, and some 94,000 ballots that voted for Biden, only. None of these ballots cast a single vote for any other candidate or ballot initiative — not one! So, ‘They’ tell you that the 818 votes for Trump prove that people vote for just the Presidential candidate and nothing else all the time. Well, if this is true, then 4% of the Democrat vote was cast by people who decided to vote for Biden and none else, while only 0.0003% of Republican voters voted for Trump and no one else. But that is not what reason dictates. Given how politically motivated the American Left is, reason dictates that those 818 Trump votes were proof of Republican cheating (or even subterfuge; false votes submitted by the people illegally infiltrating Biden-only ballots into the system). So, mail-in balloting and all the laws that were rushed through have created nation-wide legal challenges that can and should be perused by the Trump campaign.

Here is the second legal issue that is being ignored, and it is illustrated clearly in the headline of this story:

Trump, Without Evidence of Fraud, Files Federal Suit to Block Pennsylvania from Certifying Election Results

Notice how the Left’s ‘media’ operatives state that there is no evidence of fraud in this story? Well, who cares? The Trump Campaign is not alleging fraud here. They are alleging an illegal action by Democrat State authorities. This is how the Left’s ‘media’ operatives confuse the issue. They deflect from the actual fact of illegal actions by the Democrat Party by claiming there is no proof of voter fraud when voter fraud is not even the issue at hand. Well, as it just so happens, Trump’s people were not only correct in their allegations, they just won their case:

Pennsylvania Judge Sides With Trump Campaign, Throwing Out Ballots Missing ID Deadline

By the way, did you notice that the headline of this last story indicates how the fraud I described in my previous paragraph presents itself? Missing or non-matching signatures; no postal mark; counting after the deadline; etc.. So, if you are wondering whether or not there is evidence of vote fraud on the legal side, rest easy in knowing that there absolutely is. Not only is there evidence, there is evidence that the fraud is systemic and co-ordinated. You should worry more about whether or not there are enough righteous people left in our nation to investigate, acknowledge and correct these illegal acts.

Now, let’s look at the more serious problem: systemic fraud built in to the voting machines that are being used. You may have heard about the CIA computer known as, ‘Hammer,’ and/or the program it uses to throw elections overseas, ‘Score Card.’ Well, these are real systems. They are not the stuff of ‘conspiracy theory.’ What’s more, there is very good reason to believe that ‘Score Card’ has been built into the machines that are used by nearly every Democrat-controlled State or precincts in the nation. These machines are manufactured by a Canadian company known as ‘Dominion.’ But this is not the only reason we should be at least suspicious of Dominion’s machines. There are persistent reports that many high-level Democrats have a financial stake in Dominion, which — at a bare minimum — would create a conflict of interest between this company and the security of the American electoral process. This threat should be made all the more real when we consider that the ‘glitches’ that have been reported seem to have all happened on machines made by Dominion.

Before I show you a video where Score Card got caught in the act, live on CNN, let me explain a little something else to you. Score Card is built into the compilers that add up the votes coming in from the polling places. When the votes are reported from the polling place to the compiler, that is where they are either erased or switched. This is why it is so difficult to prove the fraud, especially in places where there are no paper ballots. What’s more, because Score Card has to be manually activated by the user to switch votes, if the modification is reversed before the machine can be inspected, there will be absolutely no proof of the fraud — unless you catch the system switching votes on live TV!

Now, the Left’s ‘media’ will dismiss this video because they refuse to recognize the source. OK, then how about a national level lawyer telling you that this is real? Would this be a credible enough source to convince you?

By the way, before anyone dismisses this lawyer because of who she represents, keep in mind that, if she is lying, she will be disbarred for making this statement — at the very least. She could well go to jail for saying this, especially given the nature of the people she opposes. This may not impress you, reader, but I see it is an example of great courage and patriotism.

You can find the mathematical case against these fake claims that there is no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election here:

No ‘Wide-Spread’ Voter Fraud???

For more on Hammer, Score Card and Dominion, I urge you to read the following stories:

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For a more ‘conspiratorial’ stories on the issue or voter fraud and the proof it has occurred, you can read through these links:

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BREAKING: “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state… “glitches” switched votes from Trump to Biden

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