No ‘Wide-Spread’ Voter Fraud???

OK, this is basically a lesson in learning how to spot propaganda and disinformation (not that they are actually different things). If you listen to the ‘media,’ you will hear they insist that there is no evidence of ‘wide-spread’ voter fraud. The implication is that this means the election results can be trusted. Well, that might be true, but is it? Or is the ‘media’ playing a word game designed to mislead you?

Let’s consider what the ‘media’ means by, ‘wide-spread.’ If they mean there is no evidence of national voter fraud, then they can tell you that voter fraud in a State is not wide spread because it is only in one State. This also works at the State level: if there is only evidence of fraud in one city, they can say that there is no evidence the fraud was State wide. Finally, they can take this down to the city level. If there was fraud in several precincts but not every precinct within that city area, they can claim that means there was no ‘wide-spread’ voter fraud. So, if the fraud occurred only in a dozen or so precincts nation wide, they can cross their arms and smugly assert that this ‘proves’ there is no ‘wide-spread’ voter fraud. But this would also be a lie of a sort.

Let’s go back and look at how this works. The votes are being counted on election night. Several ‘battleground’ States have already been identified as being the keys to both sides winning the election. At a certain point in time, the results look as though Trump is going to win six key States with comfortable margins when, all of a sudden, the vote counting stops — in just those six States. Then, when they start the count again, they have ‘found’ hundreds of thousands of Biden votes in all six of those States. So, no ‘wide-spread’ fraud, right? After all, it was just in six States.

Now we look deeper and we find that, in every case, the Biden ballots were found in just a couple cities within each of these six States. So, once again, no ‘wide-spread’ fraud because it only happened in a couple areas within each State, not the whole State.

Now we dig even deeper and we find that, within these cities, it was mostly just the heavily Democrat-leaning precincts where the Biden votes were found. Therefore, the ‘media’ has actually proven its case: no ‘wide-spread’ fraud! Case closed, election is valid, move on — right? WRONG!

Look at what we just saw. Six States, all going for Trump, suddenly stop counting at the same time. A few hours later, all six States start counting again and, in all six States, Biden has suddenly overcome Trump’s lead. The explanation is that the ‘Democrat’ districts had not been counted before they stopped counting, so the massive influx of Biden votes is to be expected. But why were those districts so slow to report? In all six States, the rest of the State had reported to nearly 100% of the vote. The only places where there were still large numbers of ballots to be counted were — somehow — all in those Democrat precincts in just those six States. Folks, this defies probability, which means it defies logic.

On the other hand, suppose you had a group of people who wanted to throw the election. These people have studied how to throw elections for years. They have worked their way into positions where they had the ability to actually throw it. Now, they want to throw the election, but they need to do it in a way that isn’t so obvious that even the most simple in the country could see through the fraud. So, how would they do it?

Well, they start by identifying a few States where they expect the election to hinge. Then you exploit the well-timed virus to push mail in balloting, even if you have to do so outside of the legal process. You also get the courts in these key States to order that these mail-in ballots will be counted for days after the election ends, and that they do not need to meet the legal requirements to be counted. Next, you manufacture opinion polls that confirm the nation is going to vote for Biden in a landslide. Then you tell the country that, when it goes to bed on election night, it will appear that Trump won. But, when they wake up, Biden will have won. You tell them this is because of all the mail in ballots, and that Democrats will be the ones using those mail-in ballots. This sets the public expectation so it will be less likely to question the fraud.

Next, the people planing to steal the election delay the reporting in a few key precincts in each of the States they previously targeted. They wait until late in the night, when few people are watching, then stop the counts — but only in those six States. The rest of the nation keeps counting. While these six States have stopped counting, you insert enough votes to insure Biden wins the election. Now you start counting again and, ‘son-of-a-gun, what do you know?’ Biden is winning in all six States. In the morning, you simply tell the nation you had told them this would happen, so this was to be expected.

Now, the people planning to steal the election are not going to stop here. They are going to do everything they can to secure their theft. After all, these people are not stupid: they know that Trump will have legal ways to contest their theft. So, early on, they start asking Trump if he will concede and leave peacefully if the popular vote goes for Biden. The idea is two-fold. If Trump agrees to concede, they can trap him in the mind of the public. But, if Trump refuses to concede, the ‘media’ can sew the idea that Trump is the one trying to steal the election. Either way, it undermines any trust in Trump while deflecting the spot light away from their theft. These people further defend their theft by having their ‘media’ allies insist that there is no evidence of ‘wide-spread’ fraud.

But do you see how this worked? They coordinated this throughout the whole national process. The people behind it had to coordinate the precinct workers with the several targeted States, as well as with the media. They also had to enlist many of the government officials and agencies in these States. This is why everything that turned this election to Biden has a common denominator: Democrat control over that area (either precincts or government power). This is absolute proof of wide-spread fraud. It is also collusion and conspiracy, as well as subversion and sedition.

Next, look at how they did this. They didn’t throw the votes in any place more than they absolutely needed to do so. This is actually very smart. It limits the number of vulnerabilities, as well as the number of court challenges they will need to beat back. It also gives the public impression that the problem is not as big as Trump’s campaign is claiming by making it appear that the voting issues are located in just six States. But this is just an illusion. The problem is actually systemic and nation-wide. It is also very, very real.

OK, this is all I have on this subject. Hopefully, for those who may have been wondering, or on the fence, I have provided you with a clear explanation as to why I — me, personally — do not accept the claims that there is no evidence of ‘wide-spread’ voter fraud. You, reader, are free to reject my position on this issue. After all, I could be completely wrong. All I hoped to do is demonstrate why I reject it, and show that I am basing my opinion on sound logic supported by what I have actually seen happening in the real world. Now, I just hope that I explained it clearly enough that you were at least able to understand where I stand and why.

BTW: the following video provides and explains the evidence of systemic, wide-spread voter fraud, as well as the sworn affidavits that have actually been filed in the courts (i.e. proof the media is lying to you):

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