Hydra Is Real!

I tried to explain that we in the United States, and in the world in general, are being attacked by people who seek to rule the world.  There are two primary groups vying for control, but the one in question here is largely Secular Humanists in nature.  I wrote about them yesterday in a post titled “‘The Scaffolding Is Coming Down.’  Tonight, Glenn Beck aired part three in what I suspect will be a four-part xpose of the American-based division of this global cabal.  While it is no secret that I question Beck’s Spiritual sight, I have never questioned his worldly ability to find the Truth.  He delivered yet again.  For those few, those precious few who still seek to know the Truth, here are the links to his three shows exposing the Truth behind the Ukraine and the attempt to impeach President trump.  I have listed them in descending order from the most recent to the oldest.  They amount to the six most important hours of video your earthly self will watch this year.  WATCH THEM!


Democracy Dies In The Darkness (The Corruption of the American Media)



Ukraine: The Democrats Russia (It was Obama and the DNC — NOT Trump!)



If you care about the United States, your children and grandchildren, and the liberty of man throughout the world, spread this post or these videos to as many people as you can.  Make them watch.  If they refuse, then you refuse to listen to their opinion about the Ukraine and the impeachment of President Trump.  At best, they are too ignorant to have an opinion worthy of consideration.  At worse, they are a part of Hydra.

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