If We Won’t Learn, Then We Deserve Our Fate

I no longer know how to write about what I am seeing in our nation.  I try to use facts and reason to call people to their senses, but I do not see how it does any good.  Yes, I know this is a small blog, but I also know that there are only a few of you out there who seem to get anything from it.  For the most part, I might as well be preaching to the wind.  I would do about as much good.

Look, for the last twenty years, I have made my living off the history of WW II.  I have a degree in philosophy with a special interest in law and political theory.  I have spent a great deal of time studying the events that lead to Adolf Hitler and the NAZI’s.  I have also spent a great deal of time studying tyranny and the founding of the United States.  I know the signs, and I see them all around me.  But that is not what frightens me.  No, the part that frightens me is that I also see my fellow citizens clamoring for their own destruction.

It pains me to say this, but I finally understand how the German people went willingly down the path to insanity — praising Hitler as their god the whole way.  I understand because I am watching this nation do it again, now, here — right before my very eyes.

Folks, I want you to stop and watch this video.  It’s only two minutes long.  Please, watch the whole thing.

OK, in addition to the background I have already given you, I was a U.S. Marine for nine years.  I have sen combat.  Something the Marines taught me, a lesson I have never forgotten: honor the threat!

This means, when a person tells you they are going to do something, believe them and respond accordingly!

Well, this woman spends two minutes telling this audience that she has to get and do everything on her agenda — no matter what!  Yes, she says ‘we,’ but that is a lie.  She means ‘Me.’  Then she says, if there are people who are harmed in the process of getting what she wants (that is what collateral damage means), well, ‘So be it!’


When she tells you they are going to take care of your economic prosperity while — at the same time — pushing their radical Socialist agenda — SHE IS LYING!  It literally cannot be done.  There is not enough money in the entire world to do it.  Besides, that is not what her agenda is designed to do.  He agenda is designed to reduce you to such poverty that you must depend on her to survive.

Nor does it seem to matter to anyone that there has never been a single example of a successful socialist economy — NEVER!  Socialism is an impossibility, a pipe dream.  It violates all laws of economics.  This is why it always ends in Elysium, and Pelosi plans to be with those in the perfect, immoral, space-based utopia while you and I struggle just to survive in the ruins she leaves behind on earth.

Anyone who tries to tell you I am wrong is lying — period!  I am accurately reporting the history of these people — right down to the hundreds of millions they have murdered on their way to remaking the universe to their heart’s desire. Remember, ‘collateral damage’ — that is you — is acceptable.  All that matters is their goal of control.

Oh!  And about those Scandinavian countries.  They are not Socialist. They are Capitalist Welfare States  — and they have said so!  But then, what do they know about their own countries?  They need to just agree to what Nancy and her crew say they are or suffer the fate of becoming collateral damage, too.

There are many people out there who are killing themselves trying to explain this with facts and logic and sound reason, but no one listens.  So why should I try to reach them.  Those people cannot resist the allure of a false promise of free stuff, which is why they can’t be reached by logic and reason.  They are little more than chattel, but chattel enough to vote the lot of us into tyranny — AND PELOSI KNOWS IT!

Worse, she is taking our money — the money from those who actually produce more than they consume — and using it to bribe these lemmings into voting the rest of us into slavery.  This is akin to boiling a kid in its mother’s milk: the very source that is supposed to sustain it is used to kill it.  How much more evil can such people possibly be?  And what does this say for those who ignore every warning they are given in order to cling to this evil?

And yet, no one seems to care.  Well, it is a good thing I am not ‘king for a day.’  Otherwise, this is how I think I might handle this worthless nation:

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