What ‘The Media’ Is Leaving Out Of Trump’s ‘Lynching’ Comment — AND WHY!

NOTE: I want to start by making a statement of fact: the U.S. ‘media’ deliberately and purposefully lies to all of us on a daily basis!  Again, this is a fact, not my opinion.  And they do it because they are no longer ‘news,’ but the propaganda arm of the American Progressive movement.  Now, let me argue my case by using the example of how the media has knowingly and intentionally deceived you in their latest attack on Trump for calling the impeachment farce a ‘lynching.’

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

— George Orwell

Keep those words in mind as I give you a short history lesson.  First, let’s start by understanding that the plain meaning of the word, lynching, has nothing to do with race:

Definition of lynch

: to put to death (as by hanging) by mob action without legal approval or permission The accused killer was lynched by an angry mob.

[NOTE: pay attention to the words in bold type — they will come up again very shortly.]

OK, next, how about a little history;  For example, did you know that:

Many whites were lynched for fighting racism

The Montgomery adviser, a division of the USA Today home network

“The Negro Holocaust: Lynching and Race Riots in the United States, 1880-1950” states that, contrary to present-day popular conception, lynching was not a crime committed exclusively against black people. Between the 1830s and the 1850s the majority of those lynched in the United States were whites. From 1882-1968, some 4,743 lynchings occurred in the United States (not all lynchings were recorded). Of these, 3,446 or 73 percent were black and 1,297 (27 percent) were white. In other words, whites were the victims of more than one-fourth of all lynchings in the United States.

Did you notice that 27% of those lynched during the period between 1880-1950 were white?  Now, let me share another little piece of history with you.  Did you know that the majority of those whites were Republicans who were lynched by Democrats/KKK members for opposing racism?  This is because the Democrat Party and KKK are historically linked to the history of lynchings in America:





Wait! What?  The KKK worked with the Democrat Party?  YES!  This is historical fact, and all the people who are trying to tell you it is not are lying — period!  Why are they lying?  Remember Orwell’s quote above?  They are lying because they cannot afford to let you know the truth:




But the Parties switched sides in the 60’s and early 70’s, right?  I mean, it was part of Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy,’ wasn’t it?  NO!  Again, the people telling you this are lying!


OK, now that you know the history of lynchings in America — that they included whites, that they were racist as well as political, and that it was primarily Democrats lynching blacks and Republicans who opposed racism — let’s go back to ‘the media.

The media knows everything I just shared with you.  THEY KNOW IT!  Yet, they are not telling you about any of it today.  Instead, they are intentionally and deliberately deceiving you about the whole history of ‘lynching.’  Why?  Well, to understand why the media is lying to you about the history of lynchings in America, we need to review a some more recent history:

Joe Biden said in 1998 that Clinton impeachment could be seen as ‘partisan lynching’

In an appearance on CNN in October 1998, however, Biden said the impending impeachment proceedings against then-President Bill Clinton could be viewed as a “partisan lynching.”
“Even if the President should be impeached, history is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching or whether or not it was something that in fact met the standard, the very high bar, that was set by the founders as to what constituted an impeachable offense,” Biden said.

Flashback: Top Dems, including Biden and Nadler, called Clinton impeachment ‘lynching’

Now, you need to understand that the Democrats called the impeachment of President Clinton a ‘lynching’ because they were trying to stop the impeachment.  But President Clinton was actually guilty.  Not only did he commit perjury, but he did it to subvert a legal investigation into his Presidency.  That is the very definition of obstruction of justice!  Understand what I just said:

President Clinton was impeached for actually doing the exact same thing for which the Democrats are claiming they need to impeach President Trump!!!

Back then, it was permissible for the Democrats to invoke ‘lynchings’ to protect a man who was clearly guilty (and he was guilty on several counts — this is a fact), but, today, President Trump cannot invoke ‘lynching’ to defend himself over unsubstantiated allegations.  Why?

Let’s bring this all home:

Remember when I told you to remember that ‘lynchings’ are an act of lawlessness?  Well, this is exactly what is happening with the ‘impeachment’ of President Trump.  While it is true that the Constitution allows for the impeachment of the President, and that the details of how that is to be done are not specified in the Constitution, it is equally true that there are established precedents for the process.  It is also true that, under Pelosi, the Democrats in the House not only refuse to follow that precedent, they are changing the House rules as needed to allow their secret impeachment investigation.  They are not even allowing the Republicans in the House the right to participate in these proceedings.  Nor are they allowing the President to: face his accusers, to cross-examine those witnesses; to subpoena evidence in his defense, to present his own witnesses and evidence; nor are they following the U.S. Treaty that requires President Trump to do exactly the thing they are claiming is an impeachable offense — to work with Ukraine to prosecute corruption. Furthermore, the Democrats are totally ignoring clear evidence that points to corruption in Ukraine by both the Obama Administration and DNC.

Now, it may be that all of this is technically ‘legal’ (though that is highly doubtful), it is definitely a violation of the rule of law, due process and the very spirit of our Constitution.  In short, this ‘impeachment’ is a lawless attack on a duly elected President based entirely in unsubstantiated accusations for purely political purposes.

Dear Reader, that is the definition of a ‘political lynching!’

BTW: this has happened before, and also based on un-substantiated allegations (later proven to be made up):

If you will remember the Kavenaugh hearings, you might be detecting a trend here by now: make up a charge, use it to politically and personally destroy your opponent, then move on with your agenda.  Well, this is what they did with Bork, Thomas, Kavenaugh and — now — Trump.

If we stick to logic, the historic and legal evidence we know to be factual and the principles upon which this nation was founded, I contend that I have made my case: the media is deliberately lying to you to protect its political agenda, as well as its political allies in government.  I further contend that my argument is based in fact, not opinion.  But then, that is all contingent upon one being able to recognize and accept ‘fact’ and ‘truth’ when one encounters it.

I started with an Orwell quote, and now I will end with another:

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

— George Orwell


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