If you are still following this blog, I am writing specifically to you, so, please, hang with me for a moment and I’ll get to the point of this post.  But first, to anyone who might happen to stumble across this post, please understand that there is a long history behind this blog page.  It started out as an attempt to explain the ‘secular’ path for preserving the individual rights and liberty of Man.  I can no longer do this because I no longer see this world in the way I used to see it.  Therefore, the tone of TRTC will be changing.  If you are interested, I have left the old archives in place so you can go back and see what TRTC used to be.  I say ‘used to be‘ because, starting today, September 27, 2019, I am changing the entire tone of this blog.  If the new tone is not for you, I understand.   However, I cannot state this with enough emphasis: if you seek to understand and preserve the individual rights and liberty of Man, the information and commentary that will presented on this blog page from this day forward have proven to be the only way Man has ever achieved those goals.  If you choose to dismiss them, you do so at your own peril. own peril.

Now, to those who still follow TRTC:

If you are still following me, I feel I owe you a bit of an explanation.  Mercifully for you, this will be short.

For more than a year now (probably closer to two years), I have struggled to maintain what might be called a ‘secular’ focus to my blogging on TRTC. I never separated God from my blogging, but I tried not to sound as though I were preaching.  I did this in an attempt to attract readers who might not agree with the connection between God and Liberty.  But I cannot do this anymore; I can’t do it because I absolutely cannot see how Man can ever preserve and protect his Rights and Liberties without the civil application of the Biblical Scriptures.  I have grown in my understanding to the point where I can no longer see or understand this world outside of that Biblical perspective.  I cannot separate the Creation of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, or His laws and ordinances, from the material world in which we live.  I see them as inextricably intertwined.  This is why I have not written that much for so long: because I could not bring myself to write something I no longer believe.

Therefore, I am no longer going to try to separate my understanding of this world from my blogging.  I will simply write to explain what I have found in my personal research and do my best to explain how I think it all ties together, both in human history and — more importantly — with God’s Laws.  If you still find TRTC to be useful to you in your own life, then I have been obedient by trying to serve you to the best of my abilities.  But, if you do not find value in the new tone of this blog, then I understand.  I will simply wish you well, but I will also warn you that you will not find what you seek apart from what I will be trying to explain from this point forward.  Therefore, if you leave us now, I will pray that the Lord eventually leads you back to us — or to others who believe the same way.

Thank you, and God bless.




  1. hey Joe

    I’m terrible at typing, please forgive me….lol, i cant figure out this new computer, or the email ,so just know that I am clicking and reading.

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