The Future of This Blog

This is one of three blogs that I maintain.  I maintain three blogs for the benefit of my readers.  Each blog focuses on a different subject.  This blog’s focus is on the principles of Liberty, as understood from the Scriptural position of Natural Law.  My first blog page, ‘The OYL,’ focuses on how I understand and try to live according to Scriptural teaching. Finally, my third blog,  ‘As Through Glass,’ is where I take my understanding of the principles from this page and ‘The OYL‘ and apply them to matters of culture, politics and current events. Essentially, you can think of ‘As Through Glass‘ as a political blog written from a Scriptural perspective.  In the past, I have refrained from connecting these three blogs.  I am ashamed to admit that this was done mostly out of fear.  From this point forward, however, I will not allow fear to muzzle me.  I will interconnect the different areas of larger issues by linking to any of my other blogs whenever I feel lead to do so.  As best I can understand it, the task I have been given is to just explain how I see and understand the Scriptures; what I have learned about the things that have been and are happening in the world around us; and how I see the ways they are all connected. If you find that anything I ever write helps you better understand the Scriptures or the world in which we live, I would humbly ask that you share those messages with others.  I will not be advertising or promoting any of my blogs in any way.  Again, as best as I can understand it, I have been told to leave the spread of my blogging efforts strictly up to those who read it.   I am not to help in any way.  Therefore, that is exactly what I am going to do: I will write, as much and as clearly as I can, then leave it to God — working through you — to put whichever of my messages need to be read before whomever needs to read them.  In this way, whatever good my blogs may achieve, it will be entirely by the hand of the Lord.  At least, this is my most sincere desire and prayer.

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