LESSONS IN SCRIPTURE: This Is Why Things Keep Getting Worse

This is why ‘Conservatism’ and even ‘Libertarianism’ do not and cannot work: because they are all founded upon a foundation that leaves out and/or ignores the essential ingredient for Liberty.

The Oil for Your Lamp

There is no doubt that the fabric of Western society is coming apart.  It doesn’t matter what your personal or political world view is, we all feel it, and we all want to ‘fix’ it.  However, no matter who we elect or what policies we enact, things just keep getting worse.   So, if we know things are bad and getting worse, and we want to ‘fix’ it, why can’t we?  Well, there is no shortage of opinion as to why we can’t fix things, but the answer is simple — and the founders of this nation knew it.  In fact, it is why they succeeded where we are failing.  The answer is…


I have read this passage many times, and heard it repeated many more.  However, I did not understand just how wide-sweeping this statement really is — until just recently.  The truth is, whether a person believes or not…

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