Talk About History Repeating: It’s About To Be 1912 All Over Again!

Rule #1 — Human nature does not change.

Rule #2 — If you think we have ‘progressed’ or ‘evolved,’ see rule #1

The Oil for Your Lamp

Now that it appears as though we are going to be forced to chose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it suddenly strikes me that we are about to repeat the election of 1912 — and with the same potential for damage to what little is left of our republic. In 1912, America had to chose between Progressive, Theodore Roosevelt, and Progressive, Woodrow Wilson.  Today, many have a favorable opinion of both men, but that is a condemnation of our ‘education’ system.  So, naturally, out of unnecessary ignorance, we are about to repeat all our old mistakes all over again.  But, before you follow the lemmings blindly over the cliff and into the abyss, at least make sure you understand what 1912 means for us today.

First, we need to understand that a ‘Progressive’ is an American term for ‘Socialist.’  This is not my ‘opinion,’ but the bold assertion of…

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