PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: The Social Contract (Constitution) Has Been Irreparably Violated

Last week, the men and women who sit in the building that once housed the Supreme Court of the United States completed the Second American Revolution.  I know that very few will see it this way, but this is because we live in a time when people refuse to acknowledge that there is an objective reality, that this reality is governed by Natural Law and that part of this reality and Natural Law is the fact that words have meaning independent of what the reader wants to believe they have.  If this were not so, then language would be impossible, so I will not entertain anyone who tries to explain why I am wrong.  Such people are just trying to convince me to accept their personal delusion.  As for me, I know that form and function define, and that what I saw last week was the completion of a Progressive Revolution which finally destroyed the last vestiges of the Social Contract we call the U.S. Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution assigns the duty of making law to the Legislature and only the Legislature (Congress).  The Executive (President) has the duty to approve these laws, then, once they are approved, to see to them that they are faithfully and consistently executed.  The Supreme Court is tasked with the duty of making sure these laws conform to the original intent of the U.S. Constitution and that the Executive faithfully and consistently enforces them.  In addition, all three branches of our government are tasked with the additional duty of keeping watch over the other two, to insure that they do their job properly and do not exceed their Constitutional authority.  Today, none of these three branches is doing any of this.  If we accept that form and function define, then this represents a violation of the contract between the States and the federal government which is the U.S. Constitution.

Congress has abdicated much of its job to the various bureaucracies.  There is nothing in the Constitution which authorizes this.  It specifically and clearly says that Congress is the only branch of government authorized to make a law.  This does not mean they can make a law that passes this duty to a new creation of the government.  This would require an amendment, which has not been done.  Nor can Congress side-step its duty by calling a law by a different name (i.e. regulation).  If it carries a penalty for violation that can be enforced by the Executive, then it is a law.  This is why we say form and function define: so that we do not accept lies created to subvert the terms of our Social Contract (i.e. the Constitution).

The President has openly defied his Constitutional duties.  He has refused to enforce many of our laws (ex. immigration).  He has over-stepped his authority by directly violating our laws (ex. the GM/Chrysler bailout and Banking/Insurance bailouts).  He has repeatedly made law through ‘Presidential Orders’ and by directing the various agencies that have been created under the Executive to make ‘regulations.’  All of these things represent clear violations of his oath of office and serve to subvert the terms of our Social Contract (i.e. the Constitution).

The Supreme Court has repeatedly ignored the language of the Constitution, and the original founding document of this nation, the Declaration of Independence.  Instead, they defer to case and even International and Foreign law.  None of this is authorized by the Constitution.  The Court has overruled the States where it has no authority to do so (ex. the gay marriage ruling).  It has amended the Constitution by assuming language that is not in the Constitution and then ruling on their creation (ex. the separation of Church and State).  It re-writes laws to suit its political desires and then rules according to the new language they have created (ex. Obamacare — twice).  All of these things are a clear violation of the Social Contract the Court is duty-bound to protect.

On top of all of this, none of the three branches are doing their duty to keep the other two in check.  The Congress has a duty to impeach Obama.  He has not only violated his oath of office, but he has committed treason.  The evidence to convict him of treason is already in the Congregational record, but Congress refuses to do anything to stop open treason.  This makes Congress an enemy of the States and American people.  An enemy is never a legitimate ruler, nor does it have authority over the States and/or people.

Obama has openly defied the Constitution.  He has boasted that he can and will violate the confines of his office and the Constitution (ex. I have a pen and a phone).  Obama has actually assumed dictatorial powers.  This is by definition — not opinion.  But worse, Obama has given political and military aid and comfort to sworn enemies of America who are in a state of open, active warfare against the nation.  The Constitutional calls this treason.  The evidence is already in the public realm.  This is — again — by definition, not opinion.  What’s more, the State Department, DOJ and Homeland Security are all working toward the same agenda as Obama.  This means the entire Executive is an enemy of the States and American People.  An enemy is never a legitimate ruler, nor does it have authority over the States and/or people.

Finally, the Court has blatantly declared itself to be rogue.  Not only has it refused to force the other two branches to stay inside the confines of their Constitutional authority, it has declared itself to be an Oligarchy: acting as a dictatorship independent of but in conjunction with the President.  This means the Court is an enemy of the States and the American People.  An enemy is never a legitimate ruler, nor does it have authority over the States and/or people.

Now, just because there are vestiges of an appearance of what used to be, if the Congress, President and Court can and do whatever they please whenever they please, then form and function dictate that the Constitution is no longer in effect.  If this is the case, then form and function dictate that we are under some form of government other than the one that was created by the Constitution.  By definition, this means the Constitution is null and void.  It is not ‘broken,’ it is no longer in force.  The only way to repair a contract is if one or more Parties to it are trying to use the rule of law to enforce the terms of that contract.  As I have just explained, this is no longer the case.  So, again, logic dictates that we accept a painful truth: the U.S. Constitution is dead and the fifty States are now held captive by a form of tyranny the world has never seen and is yet to define.

However, there is hope.  The Declaration of Independence remains in tact and in place.  This is because it can never be changed or annulled by man!  So, if we are to have any hope of saving this nation as it was founded, we must be prepared to abandon the nostalgia that is the Constitution and return to the same appeal our founders made under the Declaration — and to the same Court they appealed.

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