First ‘Gay’ Marriage, Next — ANYONE Who Objects!

In my last post, I explained that what is really at stake i the upcoming Supreme Court ruling on ‘gay’ marriage is whether or not we are going to give the government authority to define words.  Do not ignore the importance of my claim.  Progressive control our society, and Progressives honestly believe they can control humanity by controlling the language.  I have written about this on my other blog, The OYL  (TRUTH: Those Who Embrace Political Correctness Are Furthest From Sanity).  If the Supreme Court allows the government to “change our history and our traditions” by changing the meaning of words, then there will be no end to the tyranny that will result.  Once it happens, it will be only a matter of time before you find yourself on the receiving end of this compulsion to control and to destroy all those who oppose that control.  We are already seeing it now in the EPA.

EPA Chief: ‘Climate Deniers’ Aren’t Normal Human Beings

This story shows how they will deal with their enemies by simply redefining them as criminals or insane.  But this story shows you something else.  The actual science — the real science — says there is no global warming and hasn’t been for a while.  On top of that, science never determined what caused the warming trend at the end of the last century.  So, by declaring that science has reached a consensus, the EPA is also redefining science.  Well, if you do that, you not only destroy the law, you destroy science.  If you doubt this, then you will have to accept this when the government declares it:

The ‘consensus’ of all the real scientists is that whites are the greatest threat to humanity that man has ever faced.  If anyone denies this, then they are not a normal person.

Before you object, understand that this is essentially what Hitler said about the Jews, but he learned it from the Progressives in this nation who were working on the Eugenics Program.  Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to help eliminate blacks because “science said they were a lesser race that threatened white society.”  However, this time, it will not be blacks they seek to destroy, it will be ‘Conservatives:’

AGENDAS: Constructing the Argument for the American Version of the ‘Final Solution’

On Morning Joe, Al Gore told the MSNBC hosts:

The scientists now know that there is in human nature a divide between what we sometimes call liberals and conservatives, and it gives an advantage, you can speculate, to the human species to have some people who are temperamentally inclined to try to change the future and experiment with new things, and others who are temperamentally inclined to say, wait a minute, not too fast.

Do you see how short the step is from “Conservatives are not normal people” to “Conservatives need to be eliminated for the good of humanity?”

If you ignore history, it will repeat itself.  It is repeating itself now.  It is repeating because we are violating Natural Law!

11 thoughts on “First ‘Gay’ Marriage, Next — ANYONE Who Objects!

  1. As always, you have provided great posts here on this very important subject! I have included your previous post at my blog today.

    Wanted to share a little fact regarding the homosexual “rainbow” flag. It too, is a fraud (just like gay “marriage” is a fraud) because it is missing a very important color!

    Seven Colors of the Rainbow

    The color that is missing from the homosexual rainbow flag is the color blue. It only has the indigo color – dark blue. Read what the author has to say about the blue color of the sky:

    Blatant sexuality in the world has made it hard for people to remember the possibility of delicate feelings, of personal intimacy that occupies the private world inside and has no need to compete with what happens elsewhere. Modesty is not inadequacy; boundaries are not restrictions. If anyone asks the reason why, then the answer only has to be that there are laws for people’s lives just as there are laws for the natural world: “Things are made to fall down, not up, and I’m doing as I was made to do.”

    This law corresponds to the blue color in the rainbow. Blue is the purest color and the closest to white, which represents original knowledge and truth. Blue is the color of the sky, a cool, soothing color, and it signifies the fulfillment of kindness and love, their peaceful nature which brings us near to heaven.

    1. Blue also represents the Divine nature of Scripture or, in other Words, God and God’s Law. It is the color the Hebrew Priests wore on their robes and is most commonly associated in the Old Testament with the Tabernacle. So yes, I can see why blue was left out of their flag. 🙂

      1. Exactly! Was this by design? Yes! Or was it just an oversight? Of course not! It was done deliberately because we know who their “master” really is!

        A blog author named Gina Suzanne, concludes:

        The rainbow is a symbol which has been adopted to represent homosexuality. After the flood of Noah, the rainbow was given by God as His promise to mankind to never again flood the earth.

        Genesis 9:12 And God said: “This is the sign of the covenant which I make between Me and you, and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations: 13 I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.

        The fact that the rainbow has been chosen to represent the very purpose for which the earth had to be flooded to begin with, exposes Lucifer’s hand.

        Satan, in his pride, always tries to mock God. The rainbow symbol is mocking the rainbow Covenant made by God to man after the Flood.

        Interestingly the homosexual rainbow has six colors and the true rainbow, given by God, has seven.

        Notable is the fact that number six, as in the well known 666 of the antichrist, is associated with Satan and the number seven is God’s number of completeness and perfection.
        Even the very order of God’s created nature proves that homosexuality is wrong. He made all living creature to procreate.

        In fact, after the flood, God instructed Moses and his sons to “be fruitful and multiply”:

        Genesis 9:1 Then God blessed Noah and his sons, saying to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth. The mere fact that homosexuals cannot reproduce should evidence that this is abnormal and deviant behavior that should elicit shame and not pride.
        Since homosexuals cannot reproduce, they recruit. This is what is one of the driving forces of the “gay pride” movement. They try to force homosexuality as “normal” and into the limelight in order to recruit.

        Satan hates humans because we are made in God’s image. The more humans that deviate into homosexual behavior the less amount of humans there will be as homosexuals, whose behavior is contrary to what God intended for His creation, cannot reproduce.

        Genesis 9:6 “…for in the image of God has God made mankind.”

        Homosexuality thus leads to less human beings and this is why Satan deludes people into thinking it is normal and something to be “proud” of, due to his hatred of mankind.

        Also, to the devil’s satisfaction, homosexuality means more human company for him in hell.

        Those who practice this sin or any other unrepentant sinful lifestyle will descend into the pit and be in torment for eternity.

        Satan is the Father of Lies and this is one of his favorites that he is trying to propagate. His ultimate goal is to make this sin accepted as “normal” so as to tempt more humans into practicing it.

        It is so terribly sad and very detrimental to our nation that the Extreme Court has now sanctioned this evil practice as “marriage” in all 50 states!

      2. Joe and Christine,

        I believe the Ephod worn by the Hebrew priests over or in conjunction with the Mishkan HaShem ( Cloak of Joseph ?) was woven from 4 threads around a Gold thread. Red, White and two Colors of Blue…Dark and as Christine says light blue.

        So yes the “rainbow” flag has been constructed by those who know to DISMANTLE history and the Truth and quite literally the Judeo-Christian faith and way. To deflect people AWAY from the way and away from God.

        Those who constructed the flag are steeped in symbolism. Thus the lack of light Blue is very intentional.

        1. Don,

          Whether the humans who did it were aware of it or not, their Spiritual Prince (in this case, demonic) is VERY aware of it. Ultimately, that demonic prince is behind everything they do. It is why the symbols in the Bible can be constantly seen manifested in this world. The thing for skeptics to understand is not to scoff because those symbols ALWAYS manifest in connection to the Spiritual meanings to which they are associated, and they are always manifested in connection to the way those Spiritual meanings are exhibited in our world. In other words, everything stays where it belongs no matter what. This is not possible in a world of mere chance, and that means we have seen signs our entire lives. We just have to start seeing them for what they are instead of dismissing them because we do not WANT to acknowledge them for what they are.

          1. Yes. Very wise words.

            But as you know, there are those who purposely invoke and worship the Demonic Prince, those who work his will of their own free will. And they are indeed aware of the significance. The dupes who follow them, because of their own inner hatred, are most assuredly NOT aware of the symbolism but follow the path that promises to bring them power over others.

            I see very different motivations between those who follow ( or try to follow ) the Way and those who follow Baphomet. I believe at heart they are different souls. That doesn’t mean they aren’t available for change or salvation. But I do believe there is a bifurcation between the two from square one. The reality of Good and Evil.

          2. Don,

            Agreed. Speaking ONLY for me, I have come to understand that the difference between these souls is humility. Unless and until a person humbles themselves and admits they are not the center of all things, they cannot accept and surrender to our Creator. They remain in constant rebellion. But, if we can humble ourselves and accept that we have a Godly Master, and we accept His will and not our own, then we start to see through His eyes. That is when things change. That is when you see the difference in souls of which you speak.

          3. Interesting … Humility.

            The Self as the Center versus empathy and thence God as the center. Marxism/Socialism/Gayism / etc’ism is very SELF-centered is it not ?

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