Where Do You Draw The Lines On Liberty?

I have been thinking about our society.  I hear many people claiming to support the founding principles and ideals of this once great nation, but I no longer believe the majority of our citizens understand those principles and ideals.  In fact, I no longer believe the majority of us could even recognize what is and is not a violation of individual liberty.  I wonder, if it was done in the name of keeping the nation safe, or saving the economy, would you:

-Would you support the government being exempt from the law, or from enforcing the law — even if it is in the name of ‘national security?

–Would you support the State governments prohibiting local government from passing local laws, or the Federal government prohibiting the States from passing State laws until the higher governments approve those laws

–Would  you support the State or Federal governments from refusing to pass laws or enforce those already passed unless and until the People agree to surrender their rights?

–Would  you support government bodies calling public meetings to discuss the Peoples’ business at times and places that make it difficult or impossible for the average citizen to attend?

–Would you support higher governments doing away with or over-riding lower government bodies?

–Would  you support higher governments appointing officials over local elected governments, or exposing the States to outside threats because they refuse to enforce the laws?

–Would  you support the government refusal to authorize immigration that benefits the nation while refusing to restrict illegal immigration?

–Would  you support government actions that restrict or over-ride legitimately appointed judges and judicial operations?

–Would  you support judicial appointments being tied to political loyalties?

–Would  you support the creation of higher officials and bureaucracies which then exercise power over the duly elected government entities below them, or which pass regulations with the force of law without legislative action?

–Would  you support the government keeping a military police force, or standing armies in our towns and cities?

–Would  you support the government making the police and/or military independent of local/State control?

–Would  you support the use of foreign law in making domestic legal decisions?
Would  you support mock trials, or the abuse of the system for the purpose of acquitting politically favored persons and convicting political enemies?

–Would  you support the government dictating what nations Americans can and cannot trade with?

–Would  you support the imposition of fees and other forms of taxation without proper legislation?

–Would you support the use of plea bargaining, or trials without jury?
Would  you support rendition?

–Would  you support the use of ‘case law’ to circumvent and/or get around State and federal constitutions?

–Would  you support higher governments dissolving lower governments, or using federal monies to coerce State and local governments?

–Would  you support higher governments assuming the power to legislate for lower governments?

–Would  you support higher governments claiming they do not have responsibilities to lower governments when those responsibilities are stipulated by State or Federal constitutions?

–Would you support government using the tax system to confiscate the wealth of its citizens?

—  Would you support the federal government allowing foreign troops on U.S. soil, or refusing to defend the borders of the nation against peoples who have openly declared hostility toward the Fifty States?

–Would you support the government actively working to create civil unrest for the purpose of furthering political Party agendas which are contrary to the State and Federal constitutions?

Would it surprise you to know that our State and Federal governments have done all of these things in recent years?  No, they may not manifest directly in the way we would expect, but when we look at the purpose or effects of the things our State and Federal governments have been doing to us, this is exactly what their actions end up being.  Now let me ask you another question: do you recognize these ‘charges’ against government?  Do you know where they came from?  If not, give this link a read — a good read:


Now I have a more important question for you.  Do you realize that every one of the charges the founders listed against King George were based on violations of Biblical principles?  The next time you think that the Judeo/Christian faith has nothing to do with the founding of this nation or the ability of a society to remain free and self-governing, stop and re-think history.  You’ll find that this is what makes America exceptional: that we were founded upon and governed by the principles of the Bible.  Throw God out of the equation and liberty goes with Him — period!

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