LAWLESSNESS IN THE HEADLINES: The Death of the First Amendment

Have you heard?  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled it is ‘Constitutional’ for our schools to teach Christianity to students.  They are not just teaching about the religion; they are teaching the religion.  The Court even ruled that it is ‘Constitutional’ for our schools to force students to dress as first century Christians, take on Christian names, pray to Yahweh and generally act like first century Christians for two full weeks.  What’s more, schools do not have to tell the parents, and parents cannot ‘opt their children out’ of the course.  This ruling goes so far as to protect the schools teaching students that Yahweh is not only real, He is the One True God.  But here is the biggest shocker: the ACLU has been totally silent on this matter!  This is the joining of Church and State, and with its ruling, the Ninth Court of Appeals has destroyed the First Amendment.  Oh!  There’s just one catch to this story: it wasn’t Christianity, it was Islam!

That is correct.  The Ninth Circuit ruled the following:

Requiring seventh-grade students to pretend they’re Muslims, wear Islamic garb, memorize verses from the Quran, pray to Allah and even to play “jihad games” in California public schools has been legally upheld by a federal judge, who has dismissed a highly publicized lawsuit brought by several Christian students and their parents.

But this is not the only report on this matter.  Here is a story containing a video clip of a local California News station reporting on it:

LA Public School: Teaching Kids “Allah is the One True God” (VIDEO)

And the problem goes further than this.  Here is a partial list of the pro-Islam indoctrination taking place in our schools.

This is a violation of the U.S. Constitution and of Natural Law.  It violates both civil and Natural Law in that it breaks the restraints placed on our schools by the First Amendment and Federal government, as well as the Natural Law prohibiting the use of force on another person’s conscience.  It is — in simple terms — lawlessness.

But it is lawlessness on another point.  If the true history of Islam is to be taught, then the schools should be teaching that Muhammad failed to convince the local Jews and Christians that he was the final prophet of the Bible, so when the pagans of his home town drove him out of Mecca, Muhammad turned his ‘religion’ into a cult of bloodshed.  Before he was pushed out of Mecca, he had managed between 150 and 300 followers in some 7+ years.  But after he was banished and started to use violence and buy followers by allowing them to keep 4/5 of everything they took — including women and slaves — Muhammad managed some 10,000 followers in less than 2 years.  In the process, Muhammad indoctrinated and inoculated his followers from outside influences that might have helped them see they were being used — just as all cults do.  In fact, Islam is a classic study of how a cult works.

To teach otherwise is to violate Natural Law.  Natural Law prohibits a person knowingly and intentionally telling a lie so as to deceive another — especially when the other person can be harmed by that deception.  In the case of Islam, a person can be harmed both Spiritually and physically.  But it goes further than this.  Islam is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution, the fifty State Constitutions or the U.S. system of law and governance.  For the schools to teach Islam is no different than teaching subversion, and this is against both our civil laws, as well as Natural Law.

So, any way we want to look at this, we have Court-sponsored lawlessness in our nation.  And when the Courts sponsor lawlessness, they have ceded their authority to rule over the People and must be replaced.  If the people fail to do so, then they not only break the law, they violate their Natural Law duty to their neighbors, thus ceding their right to claim any protections from society under the Social Contract.  In short, unless we replace the Courts and the government officials which appoint and support them, we have entered back into a state of nature (i.e. war) with each other.

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