POP QUIZ: How Many Constitutional Rights?

Here’s a little test for you.  How many Natural Rights does the U.S. Constitution grant to every American citizen?

[Please post your answers in the comments section. Texas95: you are not allowed to play 😉 ]

8 thoughts on “POP QUIZ: How Many Constitutional Rights?

  1. Zero.

    Natural Rights come from God, not the Constitution. Rights are not granted, cannot be granted, they are inherent.

    1. Liberty,

      CORRECT! But now, how many of the talking heads in our society today speak as though the Constitution is the source of their rights and not just the means of safeguarding them?

      1. Probably the same number of talking heads in our society today who are bought and paid for by statists.
        Bothers me deeply to see how many think their oath is to the constitution, not realizing their oath should be to God and a moral and just society and protection of individual rights.

        The statists know well what the game is. They need to convince we the people that our rights come from paper, from whatever they write down. That’s the only way they can elevate themselves in power. If they had to admit our rights are inalienable, and that they merely serve to uphold those rights, they would be slaves and not masters. And what control freak wants that

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