An Independence Day Message from a Founding Member of the TEA Party

Today, we celebrate the anniversary of America’s independence from the Crown of England. There were many factors which lead to the Declaration of Independence, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was over taxes. So, today, I think it only appropriate that we consider the words of a founding member of the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already Party).

First, this founder warned against allowing political Parties in our system at all. He said that they will only lead to faction that, if not checked, will destroy us. Essentially, political Parties divide our loyalty. It takes it away from the principles and ideals of liberty and to this nation and places them in the Party and its leadership. Once that happens, this leader warns that our system can no longer function.

This TEA Party leader also reminds us that the two pillars which support a free and self-governing society are religion and morality, and that without them, we cannot and will not remain free. He first reminds us that morality is dependent upon and does not exist outside of religion. Thus, these pillars are interdependent: we cannot have one without the other. History has proven this to be true, both before and after this TEA Party founders issued his warnings. But this man went further. He forcefully asserted that anyone who tried to remove either morality or religion from the public square was not only un-American, but an enemy of this nation.

Personally, I believe this is all true. What’s more, I strongly believe that the words of this TEA Party leader should be taught to our children in our public school. They should be made to read his warning, and be tested on it as part of their curriculum. And they should be taught to understand what drove this TEA Party founder to issue his warning…again!

That’s right; I said we should teach it again. You see, for more than 150 years, we did teach this TEA Party founder’s warning in our public schools. It wasn’t until our nation fell into the grips of those who seek to control us that he was removed from our public school curriculum, and he was removed because, if our children know about him, and what he said and why he said it, then those who want to control us will have a much harder – if not impossible – time of achieving their goals. So, who is this TEA Party founder? You know who he is, you probably just don’t know that he said all these things – or that he said them in his farewell speech to the nation.

The next time you take out a dollar bill, remember that George Washington said Party politics would destroy us, and that anyone who sought to remove God and His commandments from the public square is an enemy to liberty and this nation. If you do not believe me, then take time to read it for yourself:

George Washington’s Farewell Address, Sept. 19, 1796

8 thoughts on “An Independence Day Message from a Founding Member of the TEA Party

    1. He has NO idea who the TEA Party is, what they ACTUALLY believe — or why. The man is a hater. He hates all those people he listed. By giving them handouts — as he implies we should — he harms them. There is a reason we are not supposed to feed wild animals: because they stop caring for themselves and start becoming dangerous to people! Well, this is what this ‘professor’ and all those like him want to do: destroy the person and turn them into dangerous animals who steal instead of earning their way in life.

      There is no compassion in that man’s words, only hate for those with true compassion. That should tell you something about the nature of those who advocate doing good to by using other peoples’ money taken by their government by gunpoint.

      1. I love the comments, even the “professor’s” own that say well I have the polling data therefore this is the truth.

        I mean seriously? You’re suppose to exemplify academia and you’re using that as your evidence ? The sad part is that I am sure many of his students are swayed by such rhetoric. Even one of “his” students commented that all the good professor was trying to do was,

        “The problem with what he preaches is that he uses facts to back up his comments and articles, which I know is hard to handle at times for people who do not agree with him. Although, this article may be a bit heavy-handed on the bashing of a certain group’s ideals, the point in opinion piece writing is to make people question, think, and discuss. The fact that so many people are outraged means that he has done his job correctly. ”

        The student believes that article’s intent was to make people question, think, and discuss. If that is the sort of conclusion you draw from your education at Illinois College you need to quickly get a refund because the intent is simply to sway those who can’t rationalize and think logically.

        It would be like saying this about liberals based off polling:

        “Liberals just don’t like America or being American; 2014 Pew Research poll found that those who were solid liberal only 40% of them were more likely to say that they were “often proud to be an American,”

        Now we can make logical points to get to this conclusion but a poll shouldn’t be conceived of what is fact.

        1. Well, the ‘polls’ in Germany all ‘proved’ that Jews were not people, so…

          The man is an idiot who has convinced himself he is a genius and now he is busy rounding up mice to dance to his pied pipe. 🙂

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