It’s Called Usurpation, it is the Act of a Tyrant or Dictator and it is Impeachable

This nation has a Constitution. That Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It divides the power of the central government between the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches, and it further defines what power or authority each of those branches has. This is the law. It is not a ‘suggestion.’ So, when one of these three branches of government intentionally and habitually invades the authority of the other two, it is not ‘borrowing’ the power of the other branches, it is usurping it – and that is not only the act of a tyrant or dictator, but an impeachable offense which should find the offending party out of office and in jail for sedition and/or subversion of the Constitution.

This week, Obama continued his boastful claims that he will go around Congress. This is a euphemism for saying he will dictate to this nation. Not only are these actions blatantly unlawful, they are the very embodiment of what it means to be a dictator – something our Constitution was specifically designed to prevent and protect Americans from having to endure.

But alas, Obama and his administration are not alone in this usurpation of power; the Republican Party – every member in federal office – is sharing in the act. If this were not true, articles of impeachment would have already been filed against Obama, however, to date, this has not been done. To be sure, the Republicans have many ‘reasonable’ excuses – the Senate will not convict, we do not want to impeach the first black President, etc – but that is all they are – excuses. And they serve to insulate the GOP from its culpability in the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution, because that is what we are witnessing in this nation right now: the dismantling of our system of government and replacement with the nation’s first black dictator.

If you doubt me, read your history and check the process by which republics fall against the events of the past 50-75 years in this nation. If you do not think I am using these words correctly, or that they do not accurately describe what Obama and the GOP are doing – read your dictionary and test the definitions against the form and function of their actions. And if my words offend you – tough! It is high time you learn to face the truth of what is happening to America.

4 thoughts on “It’s Called Usurpation, it is the Act of a Tyrant or Dictator and it is Impeachable

    1. Thanks, Doug, but if you think nothing is happening, then I have to question how well you are paying attention, or how well you understand history. The U.S. Constitution is dead. Obama killed what little was left of it, and Congress — both Parties — helped him do it. When a President can say he will just do whatever he wants whether he has the authority or not and then does it, and Congress does nothing, then the Constitution is dead. When a President can openly commit treason and Congress does nothing, then the Constitution is dead. And if you look at these things and dismiss them by denying them, or using different language to make it all go away, then you are as lawless as the people who allowed this, and the Constitution — which depends on every citizen to be law-abiding — is dead.

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