LESSONS IN LOGIC: “I was born this Way” is NOT an Excuse

I am tired of people claiming that there is nothing wrong with what they do in their ‘private lives,’ or worse, that whatever they do in that ‘private life’ is OK because ‘they were born that way.’ These assertions are patently false and absurd on their face. In reality, they are nothing more than a demand that society should ignore or even normalize their behavior. As such, claims like these represent nothing less than an attack on morality, and an attack on morality is an open declaration of war against society.

This should be self-evident to any honest person, but, sadly, too few of us have been taught the necessary tools to actually think this issue through. Instead, we have been conditioned to just react and follow the herd, and the herd is directed by our masters behind whatever ‘entertainment’ medium we happen to prefer. Still, I will try to make this as easy as possible by using absurdity and hoping it will somehow manage to break through the walls our ‘overlords’ have been trying to build around us.

If you should be allowed to do whatever you want ‘in your private life,’ does that apply to…rape? Now, before you give me that tired old condition of “so long as I don’t hurt anyone else,’ don’t. Because all that argument amounts to is another demand for permissiveness as it is always conditionally based upon your idea of harm. Case in point: what if you are dating someone who is only a year younger than you, but that year puts them under the legal age of consent. Still, your partner ‘agrees’ to have relations with you, so – “in your private life’ – the two of you have a sexual relationship. Does this mean there is no harm or wrong being done? NO! The age of consent is set for a reason: because it is assumed that persons below that age have not lived life fully enough to actually give consent. So, though you may think there is nothing wrong here, in a society that still recognizes morality, there most certainly is. And this line of reasoning can be extended to many similar examples – the majority of which do not have anything to do with sex.

Now, let’s look at this assertion that behavior is OK because “you were born that way.” I think I accept this one. So I lose this argument. Now, can I kill you, please? And no one can arrest me or do anything to me because I was born a homicidal maniac, so I am just doing what comes natural to me. Better yet, can I kill everyone you love and care about first? And I do not expect you to try to stop me. After all, I was “born this way,” so it must be OK. I mean, Nature wouldn’t make a mistake, so if I was born this way, then it is only natural – right? (If you do not see the obvious flaw in this example, please turn yourself in to the nearest psychiatric care facility).

The truth is, what you do in your ‘private life’ does affect society. That means society does have some claim on your ‘private’ behavior. The same applies to how you think you were born. We are all born with an animalistic sense of self. It is the very act of learning to fight and control that sense of self that makes us civilized – human. And this is why those who claim that society has no ‘right’ to control their private life, or that their behavior must be accepted because they were born a certain way are actually declaring war on society. And the last time I checked, all creatures have a right to defend themselves against attack, and that includes society.

Maybe next time I will discuss our duties to society. It seems we have forgotten about them, too.

3 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: “I was born this Way” is NOT an Excuse

  1. Joe, my good sir,

    Well said. Living amongst progressives in arguably the most idiotic and overrated city on the planet (Seattle), this phrase might as well be the mission statement of the city. Everyone and their mom (almost quite literally) adheres to this philosophy. It is interesting because when you try to debate it’s merits, it’s advocates are quick to appeal to it as if it is meant to be a fail-safe reply against all dissent. I love seeing “Lessons in Logic” address this stupid phrase!

    1. Fascisti,

      Have you read “The Tyranny of Cliche’s?” If not, snag it. It is all about how these people are indoctrinated to use these cliches and think they are educated at the same time. They are just drones and they will never understand that fact. It used to bother me. Now it absolutely breaks my heart. 😦

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