FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: You have a Natural Right to be a Bigot

CAUTION: This post may offend those of you with deep religious sensibilities.  My motivation for writing was sparked by the current  story dealing with the Arizona law to make it ‘legal’ for people to deny service based on religious principles.  That we even have to consider such a law should be enough to condemn this nation, but – sadly – it isn’t.  Worse, we don’t even understand that we are arguing for slavery and not for liberty.  You have a Natural Right to be a bigot – period.  But you also have a Natural Right to discriminate, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a ‘hater’ if you do.  In fact, if you are one of those who have accepted this absurdity that ‘discrimination’ makes you a ‘hater,’ then congratulations: you are a bigot and a hater!  But for those of us who understand this issue, we are nothing more than a private citizen trying to live our lives without having others using government to force their beliefs on us.

I usually like to post the definitions of the words involved when I write about matters such as this.  But I am not going to do that this time.  Instead, I am going to use absurdity to make my point (if you have read “Brave New World,” this illustration should be familiar to you).  OK, here it goes:

If you decide to have sex, the government should be able to force you to do so with whoever wants to have sex with you.  In other words, you should not be able to tell anyone no.  The only right you have is to decide whether or not you want to have sex.  Once you decide you do, you must have sex with anyone who asks – or you are discriminating against them and that makes you guilty of a hate crime.

That’s it: that’s all there is to it.  If you decide to have sex and then tell anyone no – for any reasonyou are a horrible, hateful person who is discriminating against the person you refuse.  And NO!  This example is not “over the top.”  In fact, it is dead-on accurate to the PC insanity that has seized this nation.

You see, if I own a business, that business is my property!  I have the right to decide what I do with it, just like you have the right to decide what you do and don’t do with your body.  So, if I am a ‘hater’ because I do not want to serve gays, or whites, or one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eaters, then that is my business!  The government has no role in telling me otherwise, and neither do you!  Otherwise, if you and the government can tell me what to do with my property, then the government and I can tell you what you must do with yours – even if that property is your body.

Also, this does not change just because I sell to the public.  The ‘public’ is just another way of saying ‘society,’ or ‘all people in a given area.’  It holds no special authority to force me to surrender my right to contract with other people.  That is a Natural Right, and – as such – I can neither give it away nor take it from others.  And that means the government cannot be given or claim the authority to force me to do business with anyone I do not want to do business with.  Remember, my business is an extension of my labor, which is an extension of my free will using my body to perform some action beneficial to me.  So if you or the government claims that you can force me to do something against my will just because I am in public, we are back to you having to have sex with anyone who asks.  Only, this time, you do not even have to decide to have sex first.  In fact, once you step onto public property, you become a free play room for anyone who finds you desirable.

Do you see the insanity that has gripped this nation?  And do you see what it is doing to us?  When will it end?  I’ll tell you when it ends.  It ends when the sane among us start telling the insane who are making these claims that they are insane – to their faces, so others can see and hear it.  Lead by example.  The next time someone utters some non-sense about how people should be forced to surrender their Natural Rights just because someone else wants something from them, turn and tell them that, unless they give it up, they are a racist, bigot, homophobic hater!


[You know what really sucks about this post?  Most Leftists who push this insanity are doing it partly because they aren’t attractive enough for anyone to want them in the first place. 😦 ]

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