FILE THIS UNDER “They Told You So:” Obamacare = Death Panels

Are you one of those who refused to listen when you were warned that Obamacare included death panels and would be used to literally kill off the aging population in this country?  Do you still refuse to believe it?  If so, then you need to read the rest of this post.

Shock Claim: Obamacare Cancelled My Mother’s Cancer Treatment and Forced Her to ‘Buy a New Plan That Would Accelerate Her… Death’

When I read that headline, I didn’t even need to read the story to accept that there is a great deal of truth in it.  Why?  Because Obama told us he was going to do this before he was ever elected.  I tried to warn people then, but nooo, they wouldn’t listen.  All they saw was a black man running for President, or someone promising free stuff.  Now, many of the same people who refused to listen when Obama said he was going to kill grandma are the grandmothers being killed off by Obama.  Or don’t you remember this?

DO you understand what Obama meant by “go home and take a pain pill” now?  He literally meant, “Go home, take a pill and die.”  The reason he said to take the pain pill was because – to him – it is more “humane” if you kill someone while they are too doped up to realize you are leaving them to die.  Sort of like the same thing this guys had to say:

Now, let me ask you a related question you may not have thought about.  Why do you think the people in government never seem to be worried about the very real problems of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in relation to the baby boomers starting to retire?  Do you think it could possibly have something to do with the death panels in Obamacare?  Or do you still think those death panels are some sort of ‘Right-wing’ lie?

Oops, Paul Krugman is now telling people that yes, the death panels were always part of Obamacare, and more than that, they are the means by which our ruling elite plan to balance the budget.  Do you understand what this means?  It means you have voted for people because they promised to give you other people’s stuff, but now, when it is time to collect your reward, instead of giving you what they promised, they are going to deny you health care in hopes that you die off before you can collect.  Now isn’t that just so very… Hitlarian of them.

Look, I have tried and tried to tell people this: now I am screaming it as loudly as I can.  Evil must boast about what it plans to do and how it plans to do it.  This is why the people have tried to warn you know what these people are going to do: because we have listened to them and taken them at their word.  Yes, they have told us — in the open — what they intend to do.  They have boasted about it because these people are evil.  Now it is time to decide: are you going to stay on their side or not?  Just remember what is at stake.  If you stay with them, you are choosing evil and deserve the penalties for it.  But if you oppose them, there is a very good chance you will die at their hand.

I know this post has a harsh tone to it.  If this offends you, that’s too bad.  Apparently, you need to be offended because this didn’t happen in a vacuumed.  People have been trying to warn this country for a long time and no one wants to listen.  They were warned that the Left’s economic policies would lead to economic ruin.  Now we measure a drop in unemployment by making workers ‘go away’ instead of actually creating new jobs.  People were told that Obama was a Marxist.  There’s no more doubt about that one anymore, it’s just that – now – people are being told there is nothing wrong with Marxism – unless you happen to be among the 100+ MILLION people Marxism murdered in the 20th Century…  So why should anyone listen when they are told that Obamacare has death panels in it?

And we wonder why the Jews went willingly to the gas chambers…

3 thoughts on “FILE THIS UNDER “They Told You So:” Obamacare = Death Panels

  1. Krugman admits:

    “death panels and sales taxes” is how “we” will meet (the revenue requirements the US federal government will need in the future)

    I’m completely surprised Krugman was as honest as he was.

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