LESSONS IN LOGIC: Natural Law is rooted in Reason

Until now, I have been using the header, “LESSONS IN LOGIC,” primarily on my other blog page, The OYL.  But I have been thinking about how closely Natural Law is tied to reason, and how poorly our society understands logic and the principles of right reason these days.  So I am going to make a bit of a change.  From now on, I will use “LESSONS IN LOGIC” to explain those principles here on the RTC, and I will start using “APPLIED LOGIC” on The OYL.  Here, I will do my best to explain the principles as best I can and according to my understanding.  Then I will demonstrate how these principles are used to derive Natural Law and Natural rights, as well as the Social Contract.  And on The OYL, I will use the headlines to show how those principles and Natural Law apply to our daily lives.  If I do not teach you anything, I hope that I will at least get you thinking in a direction where you will be better able to teach yourself.

As an added bonus, this should make it easier to search through my older posts as time goes forward.  Now, all the reader will have to do is search the key words associated with the general subjects I discuss on this blog and the OYL.  In this case, “LESSONS IN LOGIC.”

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