This is just a “housekeeping” post.  It is primarily intended for those who signed up to follow this blog before January 7, 2014.  For those who happen to find it later, it isn’t all that important.  This post just marks a dividing line between those posts I originally wrote – before I started to narrow the focus of what I wanted to do with The Road to Concord – and those that are posted going forward.  If you’d like, you can think of this post as nothing more than a mile marker I placed here to mark the point where that focus changed – just in case.

When I first started this blog page, I knew only that I wanted to create a place where I could write about my thoughts on the concept of Natural Law.  Naturally, a large part of that means sharing what I discover in the process of educating myself on the subject, and in turn, that means rehashing a lot of what is now considered to be “ancient history” in political thinking.  At the same time, I have a bit of a bug for writing on the events of the day – especially in relation to the practical application of my Christian faith.  I started another blog, The OYL, so I could keep the two separate.  However, as it turns out, the more I learn about Natural Law and my faith, the more I realize the two are closely intertwined.  As a result, I have inadvertently allowed more cross-over between The OYL and the RTC than I wanted.  Although the material on both blogs is interconnected, I want this page to remain focused on re-stating the argument for Natural Rights and Natural Law.  So, hence forth, I am going to redouble my efforts to focus on Natural Rights on this page, and I will post on matters of faith and current events on The OYL.




  1. Words alone cannot emphasize with sufficient meaning the importance of understanding the origins of America’s foundations which gave rise to America.

    Our founders realized and understood the importance of clarity, duties, the use and meaning of the English Language; and right vs. wrong. Also known as good vs. evil.

    When chaos reigns, collapse is inevitable. After collapse, new beginnings will cry out for leadership to quell the death and destruction which will ensue.

    Let us advocate equal justice for all with clarity and purpose.

    Please educate yourself, friends and family in the underpinnings of liberty for all. Our founding fathers worked and died for a law of the land which applies to all in the same manner regardless of race, color, or creed.

    God bless America and all her proponents.

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