Major Media Voice Explains Difference between ‘Radical’ and ‘Moderate’ Muslims


This is about religion, but we need to understand that the principle underlying it is the same as claiming that those of us who are trying to adhere to the original intent of the Constitution are ‘radicals.’ In fact, the underlying intention here is to say anyone who clings to the dictionary definition of a word is a ‘radical,’ or to the laws of mathematics — you are a ‘radical;’ to the rules of logic — you are a ‘radical;’ to anything that is True — you are a ‘radical.’

The implication is that we must be fluid: willing to bend to the whim of the day (as defined by whoever is exerting this foundational idea). In short, this is another story about just how wide-spread the insanity has spread in our society, as well as how blind we are to it — even those who claim to see clearly…

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Once again, a major media voice who will remain nameless has demonstrated a dangerously arrogant ignorance of Islam.  This voice is all the more dangerous because of the size of their audience, and their best selling book claiming to explain what America needs to know about Islam.  But this voice proved beyond all doubt that they should not be listened to on matters of Islam.  In fact, this person should be ignored in any matter dealing with God and faith.  But, in regard to Islam, here is how this voice defines a ‘radical’ Muslim:

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