TEACHABLE MOMENTS: The ‘Public’ Square does not Negate Inalienable Rights

If you own a business and you do business with ‘the public,’ this does not negate your Natural Rights, nor does it require you to subordinate those Natural Rights to government control.  Anyone who claims otherwise is an enemy of … Continue reading


TEACHABLE MOMENTS: Flaws in the Libertarian Ideal, Part I

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One of the primary — if not the primary flaw in the Libertarian ideal is found in this picture taken from


Principles and Ideals

Have you ever fired a weapon or tried to hit something with a rock? How do you measure how accurate you are? You measure it by how close you come to hitting your target. But what if you do not … Continue reading

More on ‘Rights’

Reading the comments in my posts, and those in other posts on this same subject, I see that people simply refuse to accept the truth of what a right is and is not. Instead, they cling to their claim that a right is whatever they want it to be without ever stopping to consider the ramifications of their claim – even for themselves. The truth is, if you have to force someone to do something, then whatever you claim as a right is not a right. I have already tried to explain this in my post, Rights Bubbles: the Origin of Universal Morality, but it would seem I need to try to make the point even more clear than I thought I had already made it. Continue reading

There is no ‘Right’ to Freedom FROM Religion

I do not understand the continuing war so-called Atheists are waging against people who believe in God. If you are an Atheist (which is impossible), then you should be as worried about people who believe God is real as you are over those who believe Pokémon are real. But aside from this intellectual dishonesty, there is no ‘right’ to freedom from religion. It is not in the Constitution, nor is it anywhere in our laws. However, there is a right to freedom of religion, and religion includes the right to practice our beliefs in our daily lives. So the true violation of ‘rights’ in these cases is on the part of the God haters. The true victims are those who believe in God who are then attacked by the God-haters. And the people who should start having to pay a price are the God-haters. Continue reading


How do You regain lost Character — Especially if You never had any?

I am often accused of being arrogant.  When I ask people why, they usually tell me it is because I think I know it all; I have an answer to everything.  I wish I could make these people understand that … Continue reading


An Independence Day Message from a Founding Member of the TEA Party

Today, we celebrate the anniversary of America’s independence from the Crown of England. There were many factors which lead to the Declaration of Independence, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was over taxes. So, today, I think it … Continue reading