Friends, you will need to listen to today’s show on Rumble to get my full take on today’s Show Notes. The material posted here does not stand on its own — not this time. I need to connect a lot of dots for you, so, please make sure to watch the show today:

Blaze Media Grabs Massive Support From Conservative Listeners


William F. Buckley Jr.: Conservative Icon

William F. Buckley, Father Of American Conservatism

What Bill Buckley Would Say to Conservatives Today


Yes, Jonah Goldberg, You’re a Northeastern RINO…

GOOD RIDDANCE: Two RINO Contributors Quit FoxNews For This Lame Reason


How Newt Gingrich Shaped The Republican Party

POLITICAL: Newt Gingrich Calls Himself a ‘Realpolitik Wilsonian’


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