1.25.2023 SHOW NOTES; The Prophetic Language

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Here is the PDF I was using in today’s show. I would offer a word of caution here. If you do not have a solid believer in your life who knows TORAH and how to study the Scriptures, you might want to avoid this PDF teaching. Brother Skolfield might not be correct on every single point in this PDF, but — in my opinion — he is much closer than any I have ever read. This is partly because, whether he knew it or not, Brother Skolfield was looking at prophecy through the eyes of a TORAH-observant Hebrew of the 1st Century — or earlier. To those of us endeavoring to stand in the same place, it shows in Skolfield’s reasoning. That said, there is a huge blind spot in Brother Skolfield’s understanding of the prophecies. While he correctly identified the House of Israel/Ephraim and connects it to the United States, he misses that the House of Judah is the Jew of today, but the House of Israel is lost among the nations. Paul knows this and he is not referring to the Jews in Romans 11. SO, please, I implore you, either find a very solid teacher to go through this with you or, at the very least, keep my word of caution at the forefront of your mind as you read this PDF:

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  1. TY,Joe, for this information… I appreciate all your efforts and for following the path of the watchman… Robert

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