TRANSLATING PROGRESSIVISM: Biden’s Warning About A Putin Cyber Attack

Have you seen this story yet? If so, do not assume that it can be taken at face value:

Biden warns of possible cyberattack from Russia on critical infrastructure: ‘It’s coming’

Before I explain why I am trepidatious about this story, let me remind you of something FDR once said and which I have come to regard as the starting point for evaluating everything I see, read and hear coming from our government and its media apparatus:

OK, here is how I do the math on this story. I start by assuming I can take FDR to the bank here, which then means I need to also assume that whatever is about to happen regarding Biden’s ‘warning’ has been planned. Then, add in the fact that our government has a well-established history of conducting false-flag operations against its own people. Finally, I factor in the fact that what is happening in Ukraine has nothing to do with what the media and either the U.S. or Russian government is saying about it publicly (remember, the entire Democrat Party and much of the Republican leadership is dirty in Ukraine). So, taking all of this and crunching the numbers, I get the following as the most likely answer:

The U.S. government is about to launch a cyber attack on the U.S. and blame it on Putin!

Crazy, right? Why would our own government do such a thing? Well, if you haven’t ignored all the voices trying to warn you about the New World Order/Global Reset/Build Back Better/Agenda 21-2030 Agenda, then you can probably answer that question for yourself. However, for those who may just now be trying to catch up, it is this simple:

‘They’ need to destroy our economy and the U.S. $!

Why? So that they can create such a ‘crisis’ of fear that we will not only accept, but we will beg for their ‘solution.’ The problem is, ‘They’ are creating the problem specifically so they can sell us the solution. What is ‘Their’ Solution? Nothing less than Global or National Socialism camouflaged as ‘Public-Private Partnerships’ or ‘Stake-Holder Capitalism.’

Before I explain what these terms mean, I want to remind you of something:

Do you remember how ‘They’ created the economic crisis of 2008-2009? If not, watch this and keep in mind the context is ‘a false crisis created to force changes you and I would otherwise resist:

What was forced on us back in 2008-2009? Do you remember TARP? Or how it was used to seize private property and force private corporations to do the government’s bidding? If not, you have a lot of catching-up to do. Get busy. As for the rest of us ‘conspiracy’ types, we understand that all of this started with Woodrow Wilson and was then perfected by his star pupils in Germany:

The war made possible for us the solution of a whole series of problems that could never have been solved in normal times.

–Josef Goebbels

The notion of using a crisis to push an agenda the masses do not want is actually older than Wilson. Wilson just formalized it into a ‘scientific’ process and the NAZI’s perfected that process. But it started with William James and his idea of ‘The Moral Equivalent of War.‘ Since the time of this idea, there have been people looking to create crisis that have the same power to galvanize the People and make them willing to ‘sacrifice’ for the cause so they can use the crisis to push their agenda. Jimmy Carter did it back during the ‘oil crisis’ of the 1970’s.

However, we need to understand the oil crisis of the 70’s was forced on the U.S. the exact same way it is being forced upon us today: by people refusing to allow us to drill our own oil. We also need to understand that the people who refuse to let us use our own oil know what they are doing. They know that the law of supply and demand works. This is why, when the price of gas gets high enough to threaten their power, they always ask other oil-producing countries to increase their production, or they release oil from the nation’s strategic reserves. The only conclusion that can be reasonably drawn from their actions is that they are intentionally creating the crisis. From there, it is an easy thing to conclude they are doing it for their own reasons and not the good of the People.

So, going back to Biden’s ‘warning’ about Putin: the agenda is the reset of the entire global economic system. The problem is, if it was honestly and openly explained to them, in full, the American People would refuse to accept this agenda. So, ‘They’ need to create such a disruption in the global economy that the People of the world will not only accept ‘Their’ solution, but we will also accept the surrender of our rights and way of life in the process. We are already suffering from rising inflation and supply shortages (both of which have been intentionally manufactured). If they can also disrupt the nations internet-based economy and infrastructure, then they can create the ‘pain’ necessary to convince us to accept their solution. But ‘They’ can’t just do this to us; ‘They’ need a bogeyman to blame for it. The idea here is to avoid exposing their guilt by giving the People an external ‘enemy’ upon which to focus their fear and anger.

The goal is simple, folks: they need to find a path that allows them to enslave the world without having to fight the world. ‘They’ are not really a big group of people, and ‘They’ are not that powerful, either. ‘They’ can pull all of this off because ‘They’ have seized the organs of control over Western Society. ‘They’ have been planning and working toward this goal for decades. Now, they see their opportunity to finally achieve their dreams. If you understand this, but also understand that ‘They’ are not monolithic, either (they have different, competing factions within themselves), all of this will start to make perfect sense. You just have to accept that it is possible, then start looking for the breadcrumbs. If you do these two things, you will find they are not breadcrumbs, they are entire bakery truckloads of bread!

But then, ‘They’ know that human nature is such that ‘They’ can count on 80%+ of people taking the easy way out and accepting ‘Their’ lies — including the lie that all of us trying to warn others are all just conspiracy nuts:



Before Biden Warned of a Russian Cyberattack, He Gave Putin a Target List

Not only does this story reveal Biden identified 16 critical areas within the U.S. that are ‘vulnerable’ to Russian cyber attacks (telegraphing the areas ‘They’ plan to hit in the process), but he also implied that any ‘private’ entity that is taken down by this attack will be a victim because there is no government control over cyber defense. This is the very type of language ‘They’ use to start building a narrative that ends in a demand for more government take-over of the private sector. It is an easy part of the formula to spot, you just have to learn what you need to look for, then start looking for it.

The Never-Ending Crisis Cycle



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4 thoughts on “TRANSLATING PROGRESSIVISM: Biden’s Warning About A Putin Cyber Attack

  1. Reblogged this on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together and commented:
    Things Biden has been correct on: An invasion………..something he himself did not orchestra (he isn’t smart enough), but simply knew about and went along with. One of the reasons he was placed in the Oval Office of the White House, to be a fake front man for all that is planned behind the scenes. Biden is in favor of destroying our nation and independence for the globes New World Order (One world government). This has been PLANNED for quite some time. (Biden is a mere puppet), It took someone with a high level of ignorance to play along, and bribes. BIDEN IS A TRAITOR. (Arlin Report)

  2. May I encourage the following podcast… The Charlie Kirk Show… “ The Biblical Response to The Great Reset “ with Jake Hibb… Joe, you are speaking truth and I thank you for being a watchman on the wall… Robert

    1. Thanks, Robert. I’ll be sure to get to it. I also hope you’ve noticed that, while I did not do so in this post, I have started adding a Scriptural editorial to the end of my posts — to better help the Remnant put things in the proper perspective. 🙂

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