Cosmic War and Spiritual Politics

Whether you read my blog for my earthly, political commentary or my Heavenly, Spiritual thoughts, you need to read this post through to the very end — please.

I recently lost a family pet. He was a miniature schnauzer, and his name was Chip. I’ve mourned pets in the past, but losing Chip struck me harder than any of the others. I never realized just how important Chip had become to me until I lost him. He had become as close to me as any human friend I have ever had, and he left a huge hole in my life. I can function now, but I miss him, badly. I think about him every day. But thinking about Chip has also made me realize that there is a far more important blind spot in my life. I realized that I loved my dog more than I love most people, and that has hurt me even more than losing my buddy.

You see, I have been trying hard to better understand and obey the Scriptures. I have been on this path for several years now, and I thought I had been learning to be a better disciple…, until I lost Chip. That is when I realized that all I had been doing was, as one reader likes to put it, ‘navel gazing.’ I had been staring at myself, building up my own arrogance by telling myself I had learned and understood more about the Scriptures than most preachers I’ve known. I had convinced myself that I was becoming a better servant of YHWH in the process. I realize now that these were all were lies. In reality, I had missed the most important part of the Scriptures: the command for YHWH’s People to love and serve one another. When I realized I had loved a dog more than people, I realized that I have not been serving YHWH, I’ve been serving myself, and that is rebellion to YHWH!

The Scriptures are filled with figurative language. Even non-believers are aware of some of the images painted by YHWH’s Word. One of the best known is the idea that believers make up the Body of Yeshua. But it wasn’t until I realized I have been working against YHWH that I truly started to meditate on these illustrations, how they fit together, and what they all mean. Now, I think I am finally starting to understand, but just barely. Essentially, we are all in a cosmic war, and whether we believe in and obey YHWH or not is what determines to which side we belong. If we believe in and obey YHWH, then we work to strengthen and build up His Kingdom. But if we reject YHWH, then everything we do serves to weaken and divide His Kingdom. The question then is this: what determines whether or not we are on YHWH’s side of this cosmic war? Obedience! Obedience to the Word of YHWH is what determines whether or not we are a part of YHWH’s spiritual army (i.e. Spiritual Israel):

Revelation 12:16-17 (New American Standard Bible)

16 But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon had hurled out of his mouth. 17 So the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went off to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.

Do you see it? The Dragon (Satan, the leader of the cosmic rebellion) went off to make cosmic war against YHWH’s army (those who keep His commandments and who hold to the Gospel of Yeshua, the Messiah). The message is clear: there is a cosmic war going on, and it is being waged between YHWH and those who obey Him and His Son, Yeshua and the followers of Satan and all those who rebel against YHWH’s commandments and His Son’s Gospel.

Scripture teaches this same message in another form: the Body of Yeshua, the Messiah. In the Scriptures, the Body is also the Bride of the Messiah. But both are also spoken of in terms of the Messiah’s friends and family. We know that YHWH is Yeshua’s Father, but who are Yeshua’s mother, brother and sisters?

Matthew 12:48-50 (New American Standard Bible)

48 But Jesus replied to the one who was telling Him and said, “Who is My mother, and who are My brothers?” 49 And extending His hand toward His disciples, He said, “Behold: My mother and My brothers! 50 For whoever does the will of My Father who is in heaven, he is My brother, and sister, and mother.”

Luke 8:20-21 (New American Standard Bible)

20 And it was reported to Him, “Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, wishing to see You.” 21 But He answered and said to them, “My mother and My brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it.”

Yeshua’s spiritual brothers and sisters, His Friends, His Family and His Body, are those who not only hear the Word of YHWH, but who do YHWH’s will. This is the same message as that in Rev 12:16-17, it’s just presented in a different way. As James says in James 1:22, YHWH’s people are supposed to be ‘doers of the Word,’ and not just those who hear the Word. This is how the sides of the cosmic war are determined: by who you obey. Are you obeying the commands of YHWH, or are you obeying the direction of YHWH’s enemies? Keep this question in mind as we continue.

Now I’ll admit that there is a great deal of Spiritual content in what I’ve already covered, but I am not going to discuss any of it now because it is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to get us to look at things in terms of a cosmic war. If an army hopes to win a war, it must be strong, and to be strong, that army cannot allow itself to be divided. The army must be united in its Leadership and its mission. By that, I mean an army must recognize and obey its Leadership, and it must agree with and execute the mission. This way, it can act as one, which is what makes it strong. So, who is the earthly army of YHWH and what is its mission? Scripture is clear on that: The earthly army of YHWH are those of the flesh who have placed their faith and trust in YHWH, in His Word, in His Son, and in His Son’s Gospel message. The mission is also clear. Yeshua says His Gospel is the Kingdom of YHWH, and the Kingdom of YHWH is all that which is under the Rule of YHWH; all that follow His commands. Then Yeshua commands His disciples to go and make disciples of the nations. In other words, the Great Commission (Matt 28:16-20) is the mission: go teach the nations to join the Kingdom of YHWH. This is who the earthly army of YHWH and its mission are.

Now that we know who YHWH’s earthly army is and what its mission is, we must understand how important it is for that army to remain united in its efforts to do YHWH’s work. Here again, Scripture paints pictures to help us understand this need for unity:

Matthew 12:25-26 (New King James Version)

25 But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. 26 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?

The key to this passage is understanding that the principle Yeshua expresses works both ways. If Satan’s forces work against Satan, then Satan (i.e. Satan’s kingdom) cannot stand. However, if YHWH’s People work against YHWH, then they (in this case, YHWH’s earthly army, not the Kingdom of YHWH) cannot stand. Scripture tells us that, so long as YHWH’s People remain united in their efforts, they will keep Satan’s forces under control. But, if and when YHWH’s People lay down, then Satan’s forces will shake off the control of YHWH’s People and Satan’s people will gain the upper hand (Genesis 27:39-40 *).

This brings us to the image of a house. Scripture uses this image of a house in several ways. Sometimes, it is a building. Other times, it refers to a body. In this case at hand, we are speaking in terms of the Ancient Near East (ANE) perspective, which means we might also be using the image of a house to speak about the royal household, or the family of the king. In this case, The House of YHWH would be all those loyal to Him, and the house of Satan would be all those who are opposed to YHWH. Here again, we see these ideas reflected in the Scriptures:

1 Corinthians 12:12-31 (New American Standard Bible)

12 For just as the body is one and yet has many parts, and all the parts of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ. 13 For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.

We already know that the Kingdom of YHWH is made up of all those who believe in, trust and obey Him. This is the House of YHWH. We also know that the earthly believers are also called the Body of Messiah. This last passage speaks of the ‘ekklesia‘ (the believers) in terms of a body, where each member is as a part of (or cell in) that body. It also speaks of unity within the body, where all the parts of the body work toward the same purpose or goal. But there’s more in the Scriptures. Individual believers are also described in terms of individual stones in building: specifically, the Temple. One illustration of this in the Scriptures is:

Revelation 2:17 (New American Standard Bible)

17 The one who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows except the one who receives it.’

What do these white stones have to do with unity? The answer lies in understanding what these stones actually represent. Here, read these passage:

1 Peter 2:5 (New American Standard Bible)

you also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17 (New American Standard Bible)

16 Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? 17 If anyone destroys the temple of God, God will destroy that person; for the temple of God is holy, and that is what you are.

Do you see? The Scriptures teach us that all who are loyal to YHWH are part of The House of YHWH. The earthly members of this House are also part of the Body of Messiah. And, together, each believer is also a brick in the Spiritual Temple. This is further connected to the idea of a Spiritual Priesthood, which is connected to the idea of a Spiritual Army. If we keep looking, we will find that Spiritual Israel and the nation of Israel are also connected to this line of thinking, as are Jerusalem and the City of YHWH. Here’s the point:

If a nation, city, army, family, body or building starts to divide itself, how can it stand? If a building’s foundation crumbles, or it looses too many of its brick, how can that building stand? If a body looses too many of its parts, how can it survive? There is a critical need for unity in all these things: nations, cities, buildings and bodies. The Scriptures try to teach us this need for unity in YHWH’s Kingdom by using these illustrations, but I wonder: do we, as YHWH’s People, see the message the way it is intended to be understood?

I had to take you through all of that to get to this point. Remember that I said I realized that I had loved a dog more than I love people? Well, this includes YHWH’s people, my brothers and sisters in Yeshua. Now, I know that the Greek word, ‘agape,’ lies behind the New testament word, ‘love.’ And I know that this word, ‘agape,’ is a verb: it is not something I feel, but something I have to actively and continuously do. Often times, it is something I have to do that is contrary to my instincts, feelings or desires. For example, I am commanded to love my enemies, and my neighbors as I love myself. But I am also told that I am to love my brothers and sisters in Yeshua even more, and that this ‘love‘ is reflected in how I serve my brothers and sisters. In fact, I am told that my love for my Spiritual Family is how I will be identified as a disciple of Yeshua:

John 13:35 (New American Standard Bible)

35 By this all people will know that you are My disciples: if you have love for one another.”

It was at this point — when I truly started to meditate on all these things — that I was broken. You see, my whole life, I have placed my needs, wants and desires, and my comfort before that of others. I never ‘wanted‘ to do things for others unless it served me in the process. But the Scriptures tell me what I want has nothing to do with what is expected of me as a member of YHWH’s Kingdom. This means, if I chase after the things I want instead of doing the things YHWH expects me to do as a member of His Kingdom, then I am not building His Kingdom, I am dividing it. And, if I am working to divide YHWH’s Kingdom, then I am not a part of His Kingdom at all. I am actually a part of Satan’s kingdom!

Mark 9:38-40 (New American Standard Bible)

Dire Warnings

38 John said to Him, “Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name, and we tried to prevent him because he was not following us.” 39 But Jesus said, “Do not hinder him, for there is no one who will perform a miracle in My name, and be able soon afterward to speak evil of Me. 40 For the one who is not against us is for us.

This is important, so we had better understand what it means to be ‘against YHWH and His Son, Yeshua.’ Maybe now you will understand why I took so long to set this up: because anyone who divides the Kingdom of YHWH is working against YHWH! Which means that person is not ‘for us.’ The question now is, what does it look like to work against the Kingdom of YHWH?

This is the part that drove me to my knees. When I realized just what dividing the Kingdom looks like in practice, it destroyed me — because I saw myself on the wrong side of the battle lines. When we split the Body over the things of Man, we divide the Kingdom. This includes breaking the Body up into denominations, or dividing a congregation over disagreements that should either be discussed and resolved, or understood and tolerated (if not accepted). This is the teaching at the heart of Paul’s message not to let anyone discourage you over eating meat sacrificed to idols, or which Holy days you keep [NOTE: Paul was not teaching against TORAH, the Sabbath or the Feasts when he said this]. These are ‘group’ divisions: divisions which are usually caused by groups, or factions within the Body.

Dividing the Kingdom is also reflected in our individual actions. When we allow hard feelings to remain between a member of the Body and ourselves, we cause division within the Body. When we use Scripture to beat each other down, we cause division within the Body. When we refuse to serve each other, we cause division within the Body. Anything that causes hard feelings between individual members of the Body, or which works to maintain those hard feelings, causes division in the Body. Division within the Body is like a cancer, and if cancer is left untreated, it will eventually kill the body. Likewise, if YHWH’s People refuse to treat the cancer in the Body of Messiah by working to serve each other and mend disagreements, then the Body will be sick and, possibly, it may even die.

You say that it is not possible for the remnant to die off entirely? Well, Yeshua worried that it might. It is that worry that lies at the heart of His words in this passage:Luke 18:7-8New American Standard Biblenow, will God not bring about justice for His elect who cry out to Him day [a]and night, and will He delay long for them? I tell you that He will bring about justice for them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find [b]faith on the earth?”

Luke 18:7-8 (New American Standard Bible)

now, will God not bring about justice for His elect who cry out to Him day and night, and will He delay long for them? I tell you that He will bring about justice for them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”

[REMEMBER: No Faith, no salvation: no salvation, no believers; no believers, no Body of Messiah!]

There is far too much division within the Body of Yeshua, which means there is far too much division withing the Kingdom of YHWH (at least as it is reflected on earth). Scripture teaches us that those who created this division are working against the Body/Kingdom, and that a Body/House/City/Nation-Kingdom divided cannot stand. But Scripture also teaches that those who work to heal the wounds that divide, and to build up the Body and strengthen the Kingdom will be called Sons of YHWH:

Matthew 5:9 (New American Standard Bible)

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

If we truly have the love for one another that we are commanded to show, we will work within the commands of Scripture to keep the Body together. We will seek to minister to each other rather than demand to be served. We will lift each other up and not tear each other down. We will strive to understand each other, and to keep peace in the body, and mend things where and when there is division. All of this is obedience within the Body, and it is not only how we show ourselves to be disciples of Yeshua but also how we are identified as His brothers and sisters. I write this because I fear this need to obey and to love each other is a huge blind spot within the Body, and I feel the pressing need to remind myself, as well as others within the Body.

It is because I do not wish to remain blind to these teachings that I am now working to beat down my desires to serve myself, and to look for ways to serve YHWH, His Kingdom and His Son’s Body instead. I have no hope that I can earn anything by my actions. My desire is just to make myself obedient, so that — if nothing else – I will not be working against YHWH or His Son. My message to every single member of the Body of Yeshua would be to do the same. Take a good, honest look at your actions within the Body and make sure you are working to build and strengthen it, and not to divide and tear it down, lest you suddenly discover — after it is too late — that you have actually been working for the other side of this cosmic war.

Now, I promised that this post would also address earthly politics, and so it will. Here is how this applies to politics in our material world:

Over the years, many people have listened to me on the radio, or read my writing on my blogs. Many of those people have asked me what we can do about the division in our nation. Before I understood better, I used to offer suggestions that I now know would have never worked. However, in recent years, I have started to tell people that the only hope this nation has is to repent of its ways and turn back to our founding. The problem is, this nation no longer remembers that its founding was YHWH! So, when I tell people that we either repent and return to YHWH as a nation or we will be destroyed as a nation, most people ignore me. Well, this is not my opinion, it is what the founders told us.

First, as a People, we turned back to YHWH. Today, we call it ‘The Great Awakening.’ This is what John Adams was saying here:

The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations … This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.

Then, we pleaded our cases before YHWH. That is what the Declaration of Independence was: a legal complaint before YHWH, the Judge of this Universe, and it was written in the form of an internationally legal document of the times. This explains why, upon the singing of the Declaration, Samuel Adams said the following:

“…This day, I trust the reign of political protestantism will commence. We have explored the temple of royalty, and found that the idol we have bowed down to, has eyes which see not, ears that hear not our prayers, and a heart like the nether millstone. We have this day restored the Sovereign, to whom alone men ought to be obedient. He reigns in Heaven, and with a propitious eye beholds his subjects assuming that freedom of thought, and dignity of self-direction which He bestowed on them. From the rising to the setting sun, may His kingdom come.”

“American Independence,” August 1, 1776

Samuel Adams was looking forward to a nation governed by ‘political protestantism.’ Finally, we wrote a Constitution which, according to a letter written by Benjamin Franklin, drew its inspiration primarily from the Hebrew Bible (i.e. the Old Testament). Which, according to at least three of the primary figures in the founding of this nation, means that this nation was built upon the principles of YHWH’s Kingdom! And these three were not alone in their opinions: a thorough reading of the works they left us will reveal that this was the conscious goal of the vast majority of our Founding Fathers. Again, these are not my words or opinion, but those of the Founders.

So, when I tell people that this nation must find the unity that is necessary for a nation to stand, and that this unity must be and can only be found through a national embrace of Yeshua and His Gospel, you can believe it. You can believe it because our Founders told us this, too:

The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.

We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

–John Adams

I will close with this thought:

The reason our Constitution is so short is because, if the People are ruled — in unity — by the Word and Kingdom of YHWH, there is no need for a multitude of laws and explanations. Only the lawless need such things and, even if they are given, the lawless will not obey them. This is why telling people to obey the Constitution does not and will never work: because the heart of the Constitution is the Bible, and the people who reject YHWH will also reject the Constitution:

Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them; either by the Word of God or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible or by the bayonet.

It may do for other countries, and other governments to talk about the State supporting religion. here, under our own free institutions, it is Religion which must support the State.

–Robert Winthrop, Speaker of the U. S. House


I found the following on Cora, and while there may be pieces of it that could be debated, I tend to agree with it in general terms. It was written by Melinda Siebold, and I post it here as an addendum, for those who care to further there understanding of the relevant issues at hand:

Genesis 27:39-40

Esau and Jacob were twin brothers in the Bible. They had an inheritance dispute still fought by their descendants to this day. Mostly unknowingly. Jacob is also known as Jacob Israel. He is the father of the Israelites.

Esau’s descendants were called the Edomites. The Edomites were forced to convert to the religion of Jacob Israel, Judaism. The forced converts created Talmudic Judaism. The synagogue of Satan.

Esau’s Edomite descendants teamed up with some other bad news people groups of the Bible such as the Hittites, Amorites, Amalekites, Danites and others. One particularly bad coupling was with people called Khazars from eastern Europe above the Black and Caspian seas.

The Khazars were also forced to choose a religion to try to civilize them. They were given the choice of Judaism, Islam or Christianity. They chose Judaism. They adopted Talmudic Judaism and became part of the Synagogue of Satan.

The head of this evil group is Esau, or at least his descendants are. He/they will be the end of this world because that is what they want. Armageddon is their plan.

But they will lose, and are being defeated by their twin brother Jacob Israel’s descendants. Not that most of them even realize they are Jacob Israels descendants. They just know they are working to defeat evil.

Jacob being the beginning means that the descendants of Jacob Israel will be the leaders on the New Earth. They are helping to end the current corrupt Earth and they will work to establish the New one.

The new one will be higher dimensional. It will be Heaven on Earth.*One thing has to end before another one can begin.

You are witnessing the end of the old corrupt world. Run by Esau and his allies.

I am a descendant of Jacob Israel who is here to establish the New Earth as well as to help push the old one out the door.

5 thoughts on “Cosmic War and Spiritual Politics

  1. I totally agree with most of this blog post. However, I question the reference to Talmudic Judaism as being the Synagogue of Satan & to the Khazars in particular. Over the years I have seen many factions of believers trying to establish a line between good Jews & bad Jews & I follow none of their logic. Jews have saints & rogues & everything in between just like any other race. I do not presume to be able to decide who is who by any man made parameter I have seen yet. I believe there was a division between Cain & Abel in Genesis with Cain’s descendants being classified as Kenites who today are dispersed throughout the earth. We can discern much by observing character, but we cannot know the heart as God knows the heart & I therefore leave the division between good & bad to God & don’t fully trust any group who thinks they have special guidance to play God by creating qualifiers that are man made. By doing so they take in rogues from groups they approve of & eliminate saints from groups they do not approve of by their man made standards. I know myself to be descendant from the tribe of Benjamin which was one of the tribes that remained in Israel with Judah & a portion of the Levites. Today many say the tribes left in Israel when the other 10 fled north are evil Jews. I know my descendants were Benjaminite’s, but they also were part of the 10 tribes that journeyed over the Caucasus Mountains & over generations wound up in Ireland & England & from there to the US. The only explanation for this would be that intermarriages between tribes created mixtures of tribal blood so that my Benjaminite ancestors were not all left behind in Israel. I am also certain that is true of all of the tribes so where does mankind get off thinking they have the knowledge only God has which makes only God capable of dividing good & evil.

    1. The bulk of your comment seems to be addressing the addendum I added, not the post, itself — which is my wording. If you will notice, I mentioned that I am not in complete agreement with this added commentary. But to the point which it speaks, it serves to explain what I mean when I cite the passage about Esau shaking off the yoke of Jacob. If you will set aside the bias in this other author’s commentary and focus on the principle at hand — which I believe she addresses correctly — you will see that the core of her message is directly related to the point of my post. First, you cannot force people to ‘convert’ to anything — religion, ideology, or otherwise. They may appear to have ‘joined you,’ but then, they will appear to have turned and betrayed you. In reality, they were never with you. This is part of the story of Esau: being forced to join a belief they did not embrace, and the result which follows. But the other, more important point is that this only happens because Jacob — YHWH’s true followers — lay down on the job. When this happens, when YHWH’s people stop doing as He commands, then evil rises and things start to go sideways. If this goes on too long or, worse, YHWH’s people switch sides, then Scripture is clear on what happens next: YHWH wipes everyone out and rebuilds with that tiny, faithful remnant which He always preserves. So, back to my point: that remnant must not work to divide the Kingdom of YHWH, but to strengthen it and build it up. Otherwise, if we act in a way that tears down and divides the Body, we may find that we are actually working for the enemy, and not YHWH.

  2. Also, introspection is always good, but don’t beat yourself up for loving Chip more than some humans. Most dogs are more lovable than many humans. God knew we would need dogs & they have served us well for centuries beginning with their wolf ancestors. My Pom will be 12 this year & I know our time before is more than what lies ahead & I already grieve what is to come. My horse is also at least 28 so our forward years are limited although he still does everything I ask him to do when I ride & frisks like a colt in the pasture. When either starts to decline I will not let them outlive their dignity because I want the same for myself. Thanks for sharing Chip. Your bond was always evident from the first day we met. Never have regrets for loving any of God’s creatures. I think many times they qualify as angels unaware.

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