LESSONS IN LOGIC: Will Real Americans Fall For The GOP’s ‘Kick The Football’ Trick Again In 2022?

I’m going to keep this one short — mostly because this says it all:

Maybe I should have titled this one:

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’re gonna keep on getting what you’ve always got.


If you keep doing the same thing expecting a different result,…

The GOP promised to push the Conservative agenda under Bush, if America would just give them the majority. America gave the GOP the House, Senate and Presidency and what did the GOP do? Gave us more spending than ever, TARP, The Patriot Act, Roberts and they legalized government propaganda.

They asked for the majority under Obama and we gave it to them. What did the GOP do? They did absolutely nothing to help Obama and everything they could to stop the TEA Party.

We gave the GOP the Senate under Trump and what did they do? They gave us two more bad judges on The SCOTUS and they worked with Democrats to undermine Trump.

The fact — FACT — is simple: every time the GOP has power, they govern like Democrats. And at no time do they ever work to stop, let alone reverse, the Democrat Party agenda. So, seriously, why vote for them? All we’re getting is Democrat-Lite policies.

But, in 2022, that GOP Lucy will tell the lemmings they have to vote in more Republicans than ever before or they will be electing more evil Democrats.

And what will the Charlie Brown lemmings do? They will line up to kick that stupid football one more time — promising themselves that — this time — they would get to kick it.

And the Right calls itself ‘red-pilled.’ HA! Most of them have been blue-pilled, it just had to be fed to them by the likes of NCIS, Blue Bloods, Hannity and Limbaugh (yes, I know that smarts — but it’s true 🙂 ).

OK, go ahead — hate on me. I can take it.

One thought on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: Will Real Americans Fall For The GOP’s ‘Kick The Football’ Trick Again In 2022?

  1. You nailed it! One great big Globalist Party. They are all feeding at the same taxpayer trough, and are either compromised or blackmailed, to include the IC and the Justice Dept, and many judges, not to mention the unelected bureaucrats. The swamp is so massive and interconnected, world wide, it will never police or clean itself up. It includes ties to multinational corporations, and Tech companies and Big Pharma. Hence the 2 tier justice system we witness daily, their only means to protect their crimes against the Constitution and We the People. You are right. The Government can’t save us. We the People have to create a parallel society and work locally to get persons of integrity in power the best we can. We have all trusted our Government for too long, and now have to learn to live the God given free life our founding fathers enshrined in the Constitution, and trust in God.

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