IN THE HEADLINES: U.S. Officer Corps Now Primed For Coup

Folks, you may have heard the latest news about Mark Milley calling a Chinese General and promising he would stop then President Trump from taking action against China, but this latest revelation reveals a far greater threat than the treason it represents. It shows us that the U.S. military officer corps can no longer be trusted!

Here are just two of many relevant headlines:

Democrats blast Trump’s use of military against protests

“I remain gravely concerned about President Trump’s seemingly autocratic rule and how it affects the judgement of our military leadership,”

This story is from back during the Democrat-lead BLM and ANTIFA riots. The quote I pulled is from a Democrat operative. His purpose was to politicize the U.S military and turn it against President Trump in hopes they could use the military to turn the American people’s natural sympathies toward our armed forces against Trump.

Sen. Marco Rubio Urges President Joe Biden to Fire Gen. Mark Milley

In a letter released on Tuesday, Rubio urged President Joe Biden to “dismiss” Mark Milley immediately, charging that he undermined the former Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces by planning to commit treason.

This second story confirms that, where the American people didn’t turn against President Trump, the officer corps has. The evidence of how wide-spread this mutiny was can be found in the fact that Milley committed treason and mutiny, and not one officer reported it — as was their duty. Yes, my dear reader, all U.S. military personnel have a duty to report both treason and mutiny — no matter how much the guilty person out-ranks them!

What this proves to us is that the U.S. military — at least at the officer level — has been compromised and can no longer be trusted any more than the rest of the Federal government. This makes the U.S. military ripe to lead a coup, which –in turn — makes our own military a clear and present danger to the survival of the union.

Now, couple this threat to a dementia-riddled imposter in the Presidency who is exhibiting clear signs of tyranny and any fool not inclined toward the destruction of this nation can see that we are in real trouble.

Dear reader, it is time to dissolve the entire Federal government and start over. This can legally be accomplished. The States have this power. We just have to start pushing them to exercise it and, if they do so, we must demand that no no one from either the Democrat or Republican Parties be sent to the convention to re-work our new government. In fact, the permanent banning of political Parties should be high on the agenda — right next to the eradication of corporations! Both have proven to be too dangerous to allow them to exist.

Finally, lest anyone think I am exaggerating the danger here, please realize that we had the head of the U.S. military — the highest uniformed officer — call a foreign, enemy nation and unilaterally act as the de facto leader of this nation. And he not only got away with it, he is bragging about it and the Progressives in both Parties are defending and praising him for it. My friends, that is an act of war upon America — from within our own government! No, I am not exaggerating. If anything, I am not stating my case forcefully enough!

2 thoughts on “IN THE HEADLINES: U.S. Officer Corps Now Primed For Coup

  1. Hey Joe, me again, your article is on point. But I continue to tell you that the American Citizens are not gonna do anything about this. This is another clear example of you pointing out an obvious truth, but hate to break the news to ya, the “folks” have become fat, lazy and aggressively apathetic. It is sad to admit this, but 200% true.

    1. What you say is very true. The U.S.A. as a nation is LIKELY DONE! Our nation is already dead, and its people are living off its corpse before it really starts to fester. We are to start living a people of the true Kingdom coming, and that kingdom is the Kingdom of heaven.

      We can tear our clothes all we want over the lack of adherence to the Constitution. The Constitution is a PIECE OF PAPER. The ideas behind it ARE DISGUSTING in the eyes of the BEAST and his perverted followers. MOST of those in power have become followers of the Beast.

      We need to be preparing ourselves and each other for the next ruler. Yahshua HaMassiach.

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