LESSONS IN LOGIC: Hanlon’s Razor Does Not Apply To Politics

Hanlon’s Razor goes something like this:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

This is a valid principle — for most things. However, when it comes to politics Hanlon’s Razor does not apply. When it comes to politics, FDR’s Maxim is a much better guideline:

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way.

Now, before anyone starts to argue with my assertion that FDR’s Maxim is a better guide to understanding political events than Hanlon’s Razor, let me explain why I said it.

First, in this day and age: to assume the people in power are there by accident is a mistake. It underestimates the degree of concentration of control over our social, economic and political systems, and the level of competence that was necessary to concentrate that control. Therefore, it is safer to assume that the people we see in politics — even if not competent, themselves — are under the control of highly competent people. Just because we do not see those people does not mean they do not exist, or that they are working from a plan — because they do, and they are.

This brings us to the second pint in favor of FDR’s Maxim: the people who have concentrated control over our world actually study how to do so. They study the work of people such as Edward Bernays, Walter Lippmann, John Calhoun, Martin Seligman, Stanley Milgram and many more. The goal has always been how to manipulate and control people so efficiently, they not only don’t notice they are being controlled, but they actually participate in it. They have even written about how they can do these things without anyone realizing they are doing it. That’s what this book is all about:

And this one is about how to use the media to help in the effort:

So is this one, and it is written by the author who is credited for the invention of propaganda and modern political ‘spin:’

And this one explains how to use propaganda (the author is the same man Goebbels credited for teaching the NAZI’s how to use propaganda):

This book was written by one of the ‘They:’ a man inside this groups of controllers, and it explains what their plans are and how they are doing it. It even reveals that the two Parties in America are actually one Party pretending to be two, for the purposes of providing outlets for public hostility toward the ultimate goal:

This book uses public sources to reveal the group behind the scenes and explain what they seek to do, and how:

And this one uses hundreds of public records to reveal who the people are controlling our society; to explain how they do it; and to illustrate examples of their progress and success. This is a well-sourced, wide-ranging expose of something most people refuse to believe is actually happening:

These are just a small sampling of the many essays and books that have either been published by or about the people who work behind the scenes. These people are trying to re-make Mankind: both our nature, as well as our society. They can be known. They have never been totally secret. They can’t help but boast about their plans. You just have to know where to find the information, take time to read it, then accept it as the truth: they mean what they say and say what they mean and are in the process of making it all happen.

Just think how the world might have been different had it followed this advice in regard to the mad-man who wrote this crazy conspiracy book:

So, given that all the people who wrote or were written about in these books have all been in or connected to the U.S. Government and the social controls it employs, which is actually the more plausible solution to the problem:

That people such as these are just stupid?

Or that everything they do has been carefully planned and executed?

Another razor — Ockham’s Razor, not only does apply here, it makes that calculus fairly easy.

Assuming all other things are equal, then the simplest and most likely answer to perceived stupidity is not that we have elected a never ending stream of stupid and incompetent people, but that there is a hidden agenda which actually makes sense of everything we perceive as stupid and incompetent.

Which brings us to my last question:

What sort of agenda could make sense of all the apparently stupid, incompetent and senseless things we see in politics?

[I have answers for you, but I warn you: You’re not going to like them 🙂 ]

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