CONNECTING THE DOTS: Changing Of Definitions Is Evidence Of The Hidden hand

I am starting to wonder whether or not I am doing any good here. I see and understand the evidence for ‘conspiracy theories’ everywhere, but I can’t find a way to get others to see it. No! It is not because I’m delusional or the evidence isn’t there, because I’m not and it is. No, I’m beginning to believe it’s because we are living in the days of the Great Delusion foretold by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2. Here, let me show you yet another of the indirect signs of The Hidden Hand at work in our world today.

Before I share the links that demonstrate how the definitions of words are being changed in real time, let me first mention why this is so important. I like to point out when I make an assertion or argument based on or in the definition of a word. This is because definitions are one of the foundational blocks of logic and reason. In a sane world, one cannot argue with a definition and, even in this insane world, where definitions are changed to support political agendas, you still cannot argue with the definition — you just have to know what the word meant before it was changed. This way, you can hold to the original meaning of the word and show why you reject the meaning that was changed to support whatever agenda had the definition of that word changed. However, if you do not know that the definition of the word has been changed… Well, in that case, we all end up believing lies which, if it goes on long enough, can and will destroy civil society — which is what is happening to us now.

By the way: changing a definition simply to support your claim, assertion or agenda is a fallacy: a mistake in logic. It does not make you right, it just means you are not only wrong, but also dishonest.

Now, let me show you how others have already noticed how definitions are being changed to suit a political agenda (and please, take note of which agenda is always being aided by these changes):

FLASHBACK: Google Changed the Definition of Fascism

Someone put this reminder up on reddit and it’s one we should keep in mind as the right-wing is silenced. Google changed the definition of Fascism from “centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition” to “right wing system of government and social organization” this year.

Now, when we look at the video and the story above, we will learn that all publishing companies as well as Google must be working in conjunction to change the definition of Fascism at the same time. This requires a coordination that, in a free market, would not happen. It also suggest that this coordination not only exists, but it is actively working to support the Left-Wing agenda while seeking to undermine and/or silence anyone thought to be on the Right.

By the way: This is a violation of U.S. RICO Laws, as well as campaign finance laws – not that anyone cares anymore.

Here’s another example:

Oxford dictionaries change ‘sexist’ and outdated definitions of the word ‘woman’

(CNN)Even the dictionary can be sexist and out of date, especially when it comes to how a “woman” is described.

This statement by CNN actually indicates bias, as it is impossible for a book that merely provides the meaning of words to be ‘sexist.’ But there are more indications that these definitions were changed to satisfy a political agenda. In fact, this excerpt from the article admits that they changed the definitions specifically to appease a feminist agenda:

“We have expanded the dictionary coverage of ‘woman’ with more examples and idiomatic phrases which depict women in a positive and active manner,” according to a statement from OUP. “We have ensured that offensive synonyms or senses are clearly labelled as such and only included where we have evidence of real world usage.”

The reasons given in this article are — by definition — subjective. They are also political in nature, as they belie the very foundational belief system of the feminist movement. This fact then indicates that the Oxford Dictionary made these changes to support the feminist agenda.

Here are three more stories:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Quietly Changes Definition of ‘Vaccine’ to Include COVID-19 mRNA Injection

The CDC quietly changed the definition of “vaccination” so as to fit the political narrative and I’m pretty sure that’s not how science is supposed to work.

The Definition of “Pandemic” has been Altered

Here is one of the clearest indications of coordination between academia, business and government to push a political agenda we have seen yet. First, academia (Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary) changes the definitions of vaccines so that the mRNA injections will meet the definition. Next, the CDC, a private corporation, does the same thing. Finally, the WHO, a world governing body, changes the definition of a pandemic. All of these show international coordination to push the same, unified agenda. And some of these changes were made prior to COVID-19, indicating that this — at the very least — was not motivated by any altruistic desire to save people. It was in the works long before COVID.

Once again, this is all illegal, but it is also the definition of Fascism. Ooops, sorry, no. When the characteristics of Fascism spread so that they become borderless (i.e. global, as we see here), then that is the definition of Communism. Either way, same poison, just a broader application of that poison: from a nation to the world.

And people wonder why we ‘conspiracy theorist’ are so convinced we’re correct about a group of people working in coordination behind the scenes to control the world. I mean, the signs are all over the place. You just need to know what to look for. It’s the same way with belief in YHWH. Once you read the Scriptures and know what to look for, you will see the signs of His Hand in history. They’re everywhere. Only those who make a conscience decision to reject all possibility of a global cabal (or YHWH) and then decide to ignore any and all evidence — direct or indirect — that they are wrong can continue not to see they are wrong. Folks, that does not make the ‘conspiracy theorist delusional, it makes the conspiracy deniers delusional. Seriously, think about it for a bit. You might discover that I’m not as crazy as you may have once thought.

2 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: Changing Of Definitions Is Evidence Of The Hidden hand

  1. You are right on target here, brother. Words are how we communicate. And when you change the definitions of words intentionally to encompass something they should not, that is how the “powers that be” dictate how we communicate, and thus live and believe.

  2. The “Conspiracy Theory” frame, was introduced after the Warren Commission reported on the “lone shooter of JFK”, to undermine those who found the WC report implausible and incomplete. It continues to be used by gov and media for any explanation of events that does not fit the official narrative. We might be living in the days of the Great Delusion. We have been on this trail for a long time. It has only recently become obvious cognitive dissonance. It’s like we live behind a veil which obstructs the truth and reality. I have read that Luciferians must state or show the truth of what they are doing. We can see this in movies, symbols, speeches. Didn’t Obama say at a rally that we were 5 days away from the fundamental transformation of America? Those words jumped out at me, but so many were just mesmerized!

    Yet, I believe your work, exposing the Evil world agenda, and others doing the same, are waking people up. I see it on so many sites. People are searching for the truth, and turning to God for help. Covid-19 has pushed the envelope. People are seeing and feeling the gross lies of the government, big tech, and medical institutions. More and more are awakening to the idea that there is an evil agenda, and all these entities work in concert at times to further it. People are losing jobs, denied due process, denied access to travel, entertainment, etc., for not wanting the jab. They have been denied medical care for themselves and loved ones, denied free speech, and freedom of assembly. It has never been clearer, that there is a 2 tier justice system, one for us and one for the elites, who are never held accountable. I have great hope with so many Patriots, especially Christian Patriots stepping up to expose the lies, and stand for truth in God’s name.

    Are you doing good? Absolutely! There is a ground swell of voices searching for God and the truth. I look at the thousands of people gathering at Trump rallies. Many are Christian, and Christian groups, looking for clarity, support, truth, not from DT (he is the focal point to gather), but from God and each other. You and all the spiritual leaders and patriot voices may never know the extent of your individual impact. It is enough to share your beliefs to any and all who will listen.

    We all owe a great deal to the Clarion voices. Thank you.

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