EXPOSING THE HIDDEN HAND: How ‘They’ Trick You Into Demanding Your Own Poverty

I want you to follow me very closely with this post — please. Have you ever seen the movie, Elysium? The name comes from a Greek conception of the afterlife, but the movie is actually a prophecy about the world that is being made over top of the one they are currently destroying, and this article is actually an indication of how well their plan is succeeding so far.

Now, before we look at the article, let me give you the plot of the movie in a nutshell. If you live on earth, you live in an environmental wasteland ghetto, surviving off the scraps handed down from on high. In this case, ‘On High’ is the space station, where everything is beautiful, and perfect; there is no disease and you live forever. Essentially, the ‘Haves’ — who are superior in every way — doing their moral duty of taking care of the ‘Undesirables’ and ‘Inferiors’ who cannot possibly care for themselves without the ‘Haves’ doing everything for them. Naturally, the ‘Haves’ realize they hold the moral high ground, and expect to be respected for it, so they cannot understand why any of those living in the hell-hold below on earth would ever dare to question them, let alone blame them for their plight. Got the idea? OK, here is the article:

HALF of all U.S. small businesses have vacant job openings!

At first glance you might not see the connection between a lot of job openings and a two-tiered system where the self-appointed elites create and maintain a slave cast to support their utopian lifestyles, but I assure you, it is there. You just have to know a little bit about these elites, how they think, and how they work. But that takes a lot of time and effort, and most of us cannot afford to expend the two together.

This is where I can help. I have spent my leisure hours reading what ‘they’ have written for decades now. I study them (which is probably why I earned my Sociology degree: to assist in my study of ‘Them’). So I am uniquely equipped to help you see what this article actually means. I’ll try to show the threat to you in the easiest way I know how and hope you can do the math well enough to connect the rest of the dots for yourself.

HERE IS ‘THEIR’ 10-STEP PLAN (or, one possible version of it):

*We start with the primary assumptions of all Secular Humanists (i.e. Marx, Wilson, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, etc.): People are only poor because the ‘Haves’ steal the wealth of the ‘Have Nots.’

*’They’ recognize this ‘Social Injustice’ because of their superior intellect or understanding.

*Because of this superior understanding, they have a moral duty to balance the scales of society and save the ‘Have Nots’ in the process.

*Naturally, Communism is the goal (wink-wink), but we have to go through the step of ‘Socialism’ to get there.

*Socialism does not and cannot work — unless the right people do it ‘the right way‘ (remember, ‘They’ are the superiors who finally see how to do it the right way).

*Naturally, doing it ‘the right way,’ takes time, but the people need to be cared for while ‘They’ do the hard work of balancing the social scales.

*Enter the brilliant idea of ‘Universal Basic:’ a basic payment to all people willing to accept and live by ‘Their’ rules.

*But there’s a problem: the Middle Class is too big: they will fight back against any attempt to force Universal Basic onto Society.

*Solution: find a way to trick the people into begging for it.

*Step 1: find (or make) a global ‘crisis’ that can be globally exploited.

*Step 2: Use the crisis to shut down all small businesses without affecting your Corporate Partners.

*Step 3: Use the notion of ‘compassion for those who lost their jobs’ to push unemployment benefits — using money taken from those small businesses through ever increasing taxes — past the point that most small businesses can afford to pay.

*Step 4: Lift the lock-downs, then — when small businesses start to suffer because they cannot find employees — blame the small business for not paying ‘a living wage.’

*Step 5: As small businesses start to fail under the combined weight of paying the taxes that pay people more money not to work than the business can afford to work, more people become unemployed and, thus, on the higher unemployment benefits.

*Step 6: After enough small businesses have failed, stop the unemployment payments, thus leaving millions who now cannot find work because the jobs no longer exist.

*Step 7: Blame the greedy small business owners for refusing to pay more than the government did.

*Step 8: Offer the idea of a basic minimum income of $2,500/month for anyone and everyone who will agree to stop looking for work and just live off the government payments.

*Step 9: The Government becomes the default Master of all, and their Corporate Partners reap the rewards of being able to hand-pick its labor force, knowing they no longer have to offer more than $3,000/month to hire the — unless they want to pay more 😉

*Step 10: Lock-down the system so it can never be changed using cell phones, a Social Credit system and State-wide monitoring to remove any and all privacy.

There you have it: Mission Accomplished!

‘They’ are now deserving of all the praise and accolades you can heap on them. After all, ‘They’ just saved Humanity by re-making the whole world into the perfect, homogeneous society (perfect for ‘Them;’ not so much the rest of us). You will no longer have any personal possessions and you will be happy about it (or you won’t be). It really is all so simple: if only we would just recognize their superiority and bow to their plans (i.e. will), ‘They’ will take care of our every need. All we have to do is just trust ‘Them.’ I mean, come on, looking back at ‘Their’ history, haven’t ‘They’ proven ‘They’ have our best interests in mind by now? Why would any of us possibly want to resist all the good ‘They’ are trying to do to us?

I hope I laid that on thickly and clearly enough that you can see or start to see what is happening. And, please, don’t doubt me. One of the primary goals is to destroy Capitalism, which then leaves the vacuum necessary in order for them to ‘rebuild’ society. Well, Capitalism runs on trade, which means goods. Have you noticed how many things are getting harder to find, and when you find them, they are getting more and more expensive — especially the necessities such as food and energy? Yeah… NOT by ‘accident.’ If they push this far enough, you will eventually beg for ‘Their’ universal basic — just in hope you will have enough money to feed your family.

The de-funding of police, and orchestration of public attacks on the officers who remain to try to serve society? How better to get you to beg for tyranny than to create the conditions of lawlessness necessary to get you to give up your liberty for ‘Their’ promised security.

This is all a planned collapse of society, and they are managing it masterfully so far. You are living in a real-world Matrix, and Mr. Smith is winning — and winning BIG! Our only hope is to red pill enough people before it’s too late. Because, if we can’t, eventually, they will convince you that 2+2=5 — and you’ll embrace it because none of my kind will be left to save you. We’ll all be dead by that time (just research ‘Their’ history and you’ll understand why I say that). 🙂

2 thoughts on “EXPOSING THE HIDDEN HAND: How ‘They’ Trick You Into Demanding Your Own Poverty

  1. Your proofreader may be napping. The elites have ‘amoral duty’… and it should read ‘a moral duty’.
    Of course, being secular humanists, whatever they do will be amoral. Maybe you left it that way on purpose.

    At the ‘mission accomplished’ point the elites do have to be keeping themselves physically separated from the homogeneous society so that their superiority does not not make them vulnerable to envy, jealousy, and covetousness – human attributes they will be unable to program out.

    1. LOL, you caught me. I fixed it, thanks. Hey, I cannot edit my own writing — at least, not well. Also, I am the world’s worst speller — mostly because of how I was taught to read. I am a victim of one of John Dewey’s experiments. I learned how to read, well, and fast, but I learned using a strictly phonetic alphabet. So, when it came time to cross over from the special alphabet they used in the program, I never could separate the two different sets of rules. SO, like I said: a victim of yet another Progressive experiment on other people that, in this case, appeared to have great success in the short term but, in the long term, handicaps the person you’re experimenting on.

      All that, and this wireless keyboard sometimes fails to log a key stroke, and my old eyes don’t catch it. 🙂

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