COVID: Another VERY Accredited And Respected Doctor Explains The Clear And Proven Dangers Of The COVID Shots

Here is another video of a calm, rational and highly accredited doctor explain how all the warnings the media has been calling ‘fake news’ are not only credible, they have been confirmed by the data. He confirms that Ivermectin does work, and that we have a big case study where the result was 100% prevention of infection. He details why ‘They’ will not admit that Hydoxichloroquine and Ivermectin work (hint: if they do, they cannot use any of the shots). He also makes it clear that these shots are all experimental, and that ‘They’ are using the whole world as a laboratory. Seriously, he validates nearly every warning I have heard and even explains the threat.

Ah, heck! Folks, just put the propaganda away (i.e. turn of Fakebook and the TV) and watch this video. Educate yourself. Then you decide which side of this argument is actually trying to help people and which one has an agenda they are trying to hide.

Dr. Ryan Cole: Stop the Mandate

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