The New World Order Is Very Real

Over the years, it has had many different names, and has been presented in many different forms.  The ‘experts’ would have you believe that it is the stuff of which conspiracy theories are made, and therefore, you should dismiss it as conspiracy theory and fear mongering.  However, whether you call it Progressivism, The New World Order, Globalism, Agenda 21 or 2030, The Great Reset or Stakeholder Capitalism, the goal of centralized control of the entire globe is very old, and very real.

The reason so few people understand this is probably because so few have bothered to find someone who can and will explain the problem in a rational and reasoned way.  Well, I’ve found a video that will do this for you — at least in part.  Now, all you have to do is take the time to watch this:

I have presented this video as an introduction to the subject of global control. I only intend for it to help you understand that the issue is very real; that it has a very long history; and that it is a threat to the concept of individual rights and liberty. There is so much more to this subject that books can and have been written about it. Unfortunately, none of the work others have done to expose the NWO crowd is of any use to you unless you put in the work to read it. Whether or not you do so is up to you. My only concern — at least for this post — is that you understand that the NWO is not a joke.

It is a real threat with a long history that is — for the most part — published and in the public record. This means it is available to anyone who looks for it to find and read. Not even their goals are hidden. The problem is, few people bother to research the subject, and fewer still have the courage to accept the natural conclusions that logically flow from what has been published. Frankly, I understand the reluctance t research the NWO. These people can be boring, or come off as insane — or both. And, when you do manage to work through all their writing, you realize they are talking about things that the average person would consider to be atrocities. The conclusions can be more than most of us are willing to consider. Nevertheless, there are people out there who believe they have a moral duty to save the world from Mankind. They have the power and means to act of this self-appointed mission. And they see their goal as justification for anything they have to do to achieve it. Frankly, if that doesn’t scare you, I’d be worried you might be sympathetic to these people and their agenda. Still, is fear a sufficient excuse for ignoring or refusing to accept the truth of what these NWO people have said they plan to do to the world?


Now that I have addressed the more tangible side to this issue, I’d like to show you how I have come to understand this subject by offering you a Spiritual perspective. I said that the goal to centralize control of this world is old, and it is. But I wonder whether or not people realize just how old it is. This goes back to the Biblical story about the Tower of Babel and the Deuteronomy 32 worldview. Throughout the years, there have been many different people, in many different organizations who have worked toward a global government. Some have been centralized in their own country, others have been international. Most of them have worked across generations, and all toward the same goal: total control of the world. But no one ever stops to realize that this continual drive toward the same goal demonstrates a single-minded purpose that is beyond human ability to maintain; especially when we consider the many generations across which it spans.

If we try to explain how and why this goal has persisted through human history in strictly material terms, we will be hard pressed to construct a sound, valid and rational argument that will satisfy all the many related questions that would arise. However, if we were to accept the Biblical answer, the Deuteronomy 32 worldview answer, then it all falls neatly into place. In that case, the answer is simple: the same rebellious spirits who were behind the Tower of Babel are still motivating men to reverse YHWH’s actions and re-created the global control they were seeking before YHWH confused our language and divided humanity into the nations. It even explains why, in every case where humans have tried to control the world, it always starts with the creation of some form of chaos.

Whether by war, revolution or civil and/or economic disruption, every attempt to takeover the world starts with the destruction of the existing order. Many would explain it in material terms, but those explanations can no more answer all the related questions than they can in trying to answer the ones related to how Man can maintain his efforts toward the same failed goal for eons. Yet, once again, the Deuteronomy 32 worldview provides the answer. The easiest way to claim the status of deity — which is what the rebellious spirits seek to do — is to bring order out of chaos. Well, before you can do that, you first have to have chaos. So, before the NWO folks can create their new world, they need to destroy the order of our existing society. And this is exactly what we see happening today: the systematic destruction of the Western World.

I know, it all sounds like the stuff of fairy tales and make believe. Well, you are free to dismiss it as such, but, if you would take the time to look into it, you will find that the idea is not only sound, valid and rational, it is consistent with everything we see in human history dating all the way back to the flood. Oh! Yes, if you look, you’ll find that the records of the flood exist outside of the Bible. In fact, they exist in many places outside the Scriptures, as does the record of the global darkening and earth quake of the Crucifixion. It was all recorded and preserved through the years. It’s just that you do not know about it because the spirit of the age has buried it; hidden it from your view. You see, if you do not know that the historic record affirms the Bible’s story, then it is easier to convince you that it is a myth: a superstitious fairy tale. However, if you learn about just how much of the historic record affirms the Biblical story… Well then, you might just read and study the Scriptures as seriously as you ready and study the history you do know and accept. In which case, you might also become aware of how real the Spirit world is, which would make it harder to deceive you, which would make it infinitely more difficult to influence your actions. This would take Man out of their hands, and without Man to do their work in this world, the rebellious spirits would be all but lost.

OK, so this is a lot to swallow, especially on a blog page that is supposedly dedicated — at least in part — to reason and critical thinking. Fine. I’m not going to ask you to accept my view on this subject. But let me ask you this: can you at least see how it could be woven into a single story line that would mesh seamlessly between the history of this material world and the narrative of the Bible? Because, if you can see that possibility, then you have just stepped over the line that separates me from those who think this is all the stuff of conspiracy theory and superstitious fantasy land and those who know it all to be real and true. You might just need a few more of the pieces before you start to see the picture I see, that’s all.

4 thoughts on “The New World Order Is Very Real

  1. It’s a story as old as time, isn’t it? History retells it over and over again. Yet, are more people awakening to it? The spiritual world exits, and continues to play out Good vs Evil in our world. I see how the Bible can illuminate this for us. I still have a hard time understanding the relationship between God and the gods he created. I understand that they have free will as we do, and that complicates what happens between the spiritual and earthly realm. From my reading on the NWO, I learned that many in powerful positions are Luciferian, who work through subversion. I see subversion everywhere today, especially noticeable in language used in gov. legislature, marketing, institutions, etc. Do God and Satan continually struggle over the influence of the other spiritual gods? Do the spiritual gods put parameters on God’s power because of their free will God gave them? Looking forward to more answers and questions to raise. Nice work, Black3Actual.

    1. Michele,
      The lesser gods (technically, the elohim) is a subject I intend to address very soon. If you do not already do so, you should go to and follow that blog, as well. 😉

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