A Random Thought About ‘Climate Change’ And ‘Going Green’

I noticed something about the people who claim ‘climate change’ is driven by Man, and that the solution is this thing they call ‘green energy.’ The thing is, in order to explain it, I have to go through the Darwin/evolution crowed.

The Darwin crowed likes to dismiss God. Instead of creation, they claim that life just ‘evolved.’ If you try to force them to explain how it evolved, they start waving their hands and suggest things like, ‘it came from outer space’ or, ‘aliens created it.’ Now, these explanations may sound comforting to the Darwin folks, but, to the rational person, these people are just ‘kicking the can down the road.’ You see, they don’t really have a rational explanation for you, and you can easily prove it. As soon as they kick their can, all you have to do is ask them where the outer space life came from, or how did the aliens evolve and they are right back where they started: trying to answer a question they cannot answer. Well, the climate change/green energy crowed has the exact same problem: they are kicking their cans down the road.

You see, if Man is the cause of climate change, then how do they explain climate change before Man ‘evolved’ from ‘outer space’ or ‘alien’ life? Or, if there is some rational explanation that explains climate change before Man started affecting it, then how can they say Man is now the cause and not the cause that worked before Man existed? You cannot possibly control for man in a sealed environment which, in this case, is the only thing we have. In order to test to see if Man is the cause, you must remove Man from the equation. But, if you do that, you won’t be here to test the hypothesis. Neat little trap they have built around themselves, isn’t it? Have you heard of Darwin’s black box? Well, this is the climate change crowd’s black box.

Then we have the notion of ‘green energy.’ Again, it sounds nice, but it is rather like fornicating for chastity. This is because it doesn’t actually do anything for the environment, it just kicks the can down the road, out of sight. The green energy crowd will tell you that you just switch out gas for electricity, but where does that electricity come from? Hey, solar and wind! See, problem solved? Really? Not! It takes fossil fuels to dig up everything you need to make that solar and wind energy stuff, and then, the solar and wind will never make back the energy you spent to make it, let alone a surplus. Nor is solar and wind as cost efficient as fossil and nuclear energy. What’s more, natural gas is actually cleaner than solar and wind, and leaves no hazardous waste to be disposed of after the turbines or panels wear out. So, while it sounds nice, solar and wind are nothing more than ‘outer space’ and ‘alien’ life in disguise.

Which brings us to the question for next time: if these Darwin/Climate Change/Green Energy types are supposed to be the best and brightest ‘experts’ among us and they can’t see that they have built their entire world view on a fatal fallacy, how can they possibly be the best or brightest — or even an ‘expert?’

One thought on “A Random Thought About ‘Climate Change’ And ‘Going Green’

  1. At the peak of the ice age the depth was 12,000 feet. Present day glaciers are likely remnants. Fossil fuel?
    Siberia was once temperate and supported giant herds of grazing animals. Carbon emissions?
    Green energy? Ask Texas.

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